сочинение на конкурс Why to learn

Настя Григорьева

10 окт 2013 в 22:37

Why to learn?

It is so difficult to overvalue the significance of education. To meet the requirements of modern life we have to learn hard. The comprehensive education gives us a chance to find a well-paid job in the future and occupy the respectable position in a human society. Nowadays the scientific and technical achievements are incredible and if you want to invent something new and useful you have to know a lot of things in various fields of human activity. Why to learn? While learning we always have a chance to get to know something exciting and wonderful. Moreover we broaden our minds. We start to look at surrounding world differently. We obtain a new vision of ordinary things. We begin to think more and we understand much more than we used to understand.

Secondly all-round-educated people usually attract others because it is a real blessing to have a conversation with them. Such people are able to discuss any subject. They are well-informed in different field of science and culture, they read a lot, contemplate a lot of their perception of reality is much deeper than perception of an average person, who is interesting only in watching stupid serials and discussing his (or her) private life with friends and acquaintances. How often do we succeed in finding a wonderful interlocutor? The answer is: hardly ever. I think there is no point in having a conversation with somebody if I don’t have an opportunity to learn something new or discuss problem I am worried about. Human communication can be a great pleasure but there is one trivial condition: people who are involved in this process must be well-educated and well-brought-up. Such people always try to do their best to make our planet better, richer and more beautiful. So the more such people with proper education can solve urgent problems we are facing these days. I mean global political and economic situation, ecological problems, that lead us to the edge of a catastrophe and many other.

In conclusion I’d like to say that there is no doubt that our future mainly depends on those of us who never stop learning, who not only want to able to do something that seems to be impossible, but doable