Выступление ученицы 7 класса Фестиваль MELTA Poetry 2012 Стихотворение Ill tell you an

ФестивальMELTA Poetry 2012”

Стихотворение I’ll tell you an interesting story…”

By Anna Lizitsyna (Анна Лисицына)

(School № 1950) e-mail: [email protected]

I’ll tell you an interesting story,

About a small, but curious traveller Sonya.

She went to the Greece,

Where she saw many interesting things.

When she was walking down the street,

She saw lots of animals that were very sweet.

Sonya went to an island Crete,

And saw a long and scary labyrinth.

Then she went to the desert,

There Sonya was trying to research,

Pyramids and sphinxes,

And other ancient building things.

This travel was very interesting and good,

During this vocation she was in a wonderful mood.

So lots of new Places and beautiful views she saw,

You have to go there If you’ve never been to this country before.