Порт Авентура

Slide 2PortAventura — theme park and resort in Europe. Every day it is visited by three million people a day. It is the most visited park in Spain and in Europe.Slide 3Mediterranean — the first part of the park, where visitors come directly from the main entrance. The «Mediterranean» is a high concentration of restaurants, cafes and shops. In this part of the park is an attraction Furius Baco, accelerates to 135 km / hSlide 4In this part of the park all reminiscent of the Wild West of America. Cowboy spirit, American landscapes, houses, music. Silver River Flume — water attraction, which is a river with a height difference.Slide 5Colorful attractions and a lot of Mexican food. «Flight of the Condor.» Height of 100 m, a free fall.Slide 6It is designed in the style of Chinese wall. Attraction Dragon Khan is a true landmark amusement park. Along the way you will carry a rate of about 100 km / h in eight loops and while no one will remain indifferent.Slide 7Colorful theatrical shows, attractions, cafes, design transport visitors to Polynesia.