The problem of teenagers

The problems of teenagers.

There are many young people in our country. Each of us have own view point on their life and their future. There are many problems which are common for all young people. For example: how to spend money, how to spend free time, how to deal with girls and boy-friends and so on. All young people want to be independent; they want their parents to listen to their opinion, not to interfere to their private life. Some parents neglect their children, because they can find a common language with each other. I think the most difficult and serious problem of modern teenagers is drug-habit. Some young people use drugs, because they think that they will be cool guys. There are also many problems: alcohol, smoking and so on. Some of the teen-ages spend their free time in different clubs. Now we are young people and we are the future of our country. I want to have a friend who understands me.