The invention of the 19th century project 10 класс

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Inventions in the 19th century реферат Inventions in the 19th century реферат Inventions in the 19th century реферат

The inventions of the 19th century

Inventions in the 19th century реферат Inventions in the 19th century реферат Inventions in the 19th century реферат

The inventions of the 19th century:the year 1900 paper Clip — Eochan Valer, Norwaythe year 1900 Sound film » Leon Gaumont, Francethe year 1900 Airship — Ferdinand von Zeppelin — German designer airships1901 Safety razor — king Kelm Gillette, American merchant1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright — American engineers, who made the first flight on a plane1903 crayons — «Крайола”, USA1904 Diode — John Ambrose Fleming, the British engineer-electrician1906 Fountain pen — Slavoljub Penkala, Serbian inventorin 1907 Washing machine — Alva J.. Fisher1908 the Assembly line of the » Henry Ford, American engineer1908 Geiger — German physicist Hans Geiger and In. Muller invented a device for the detection and measurement of radioactivity1909 Louis Bleriot, a French engineer, made a flight over the English channel1909, Robert Edwin Peary — American researcher has reached the North pole1910 the Alfred Wegener — German geophysicist, author of the theory of continental drift1910 Mixer — George Smith and Fred Ozius, USA1911, Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian Explorer who was the first to reach the South pole1912 Robert Falcon Scott — a British military officer, the second reached the South pole1912 Reflector — «belling To”, USA1913 Autopilot — Elmer Спири (USA)1915 Mask — Fritz Haber, German chemist1915 Cardboard cartons of milk — van Vopmer — USA1915-Resistant glass — ware — «Pyrex Corning glass Works”, USA1916 Microphone — USA1916 Tank — William Триттон, the British designerthe year 1917 Electric lights for Christmas trees — albert Садакка, American Spanish originthe year 1917 Shock therapy — United Kingdom1920 hair dryer — «Racine universal motor company, USA1921 albert Einstein, American physicist, a native of Germany, formulated the theory of relativity1921 the lie Detector » John And. Larsen (USA)1921 Toaster — Чарлльз Straight (USA)1924 Plaster — Josephine Dixon, United Statesthe year of 1926 Black-and-white TV — John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor1927 artificial breathing Apparatus — Philippe Дринкер, American researcher in the field of medicine1928 year of Penicillin, the first antibiotic, outdoor Alexander Fleming, a Scottish bacteriologist1928 Chewing gum — Walter E. Dimer, USA1929 yo-yo — Pedro Flores, Philippines1930 multi-storeyed Parking — Paris, France 1930 Electronic clock — Пенвуд Нумекрон1930 Adhesive tape — Richard drew, USA1930 Frozen semi — finished products-Clarence Бирсей, USAAbout 1930 Bra1932 Counter in the Parking lot — Carlton Sorcerers, American inventor1932 Electric guitar — Адольфус Рикенбакет, USA1933 — 1935 Radar — Rudolf Кюнхолд and Robert Watson-Watt1934 Nylons — Wallace Hume Carothers, an American chemist1936 Food baskets and carts, Silvan Голдмен and Fred young, USA1938 Copy machine — Chester Carson, American lawyer and contributed to the development of xerography1938 Ballpoint pen — Laszlo Biro1939 DDT — Paul Mueller and Weisman — Switzerland1940 Mobile phone — «the bell Telephone Лабораториес”, USA1943 Aqualung — Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French oceanographer1946 the Electronic computer — John Преспер Eckert and John Моукли, USA1946 Micro-wave oven — Percy Lebaron Spencer, USA1948 Player — «CBS Corporation”, USAthe year 1949, the 10th of January Начнается issue — vinyl recordsThe company RCA — 45 revolutions per minuteThe Firm Columbia — 33, 3 revolutions per minute1950 Remote упавление — «Zenith Electronics Corporation, USA1950 Credit card — Ralph Schneider, USA1951 Liquid paper — Bette Несмит Graham, United States1952 Rubber gloves — United Kingdom1954-sized Transistor radio «Regency electronics”, USA1955 LEGO — OLE kirk Christiansen, Denmark1956 Contact lenses, USA1957 Ultrasound — Professor Ian Donald, Scotland1957 Vivian Ernest Фучс — first crossed the Antarctic1958 Barbie Doll — Ore Хандлер, USA1958 Hula-Hoop — Richard P. R & d and Arthur Melvin, American inventors1959 Microchip — Jack Kilby, USA1959 Ship on an air pillow — Christopher Кокерелл, British engineerthe year 1960 Laser — Theodore Майман, American physicist1961 Spacecraft Shuttle, USA1961, Alan Bartlett Shepard, the first American, geometry went into space on Board capsules «freedom 7”1961 Yuri Gagarin — the Russian cosmonaut, first man in space1962 John Herschel Glenn, Jr. — the first American облетевший around the Earth1962 Industrial robots — «Унимейшн”, USA1963 cassette — «Phillips”, the Netherlands1964 high-Speed train — Japan1965 Virtual reality — Ivan Слахерленд, American scientist, specialist of computer technologies1968 Computer mouse — Douglas Engelbart1969 the First men to walk on the moon — the U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Олдрин1970 the Artificial heart — Robert To. Ярвик, USA1970 Fire alarm — «Питвей Corporation”, USA1971 Vest — Stephanie Кволек, American chemist who invented fiber1972 Computer games — Nolan Bushnell, USA1973 Вобот, the first human robot — Japan1977 Internet Vint CERF, USA1978 Personal computer — Steve jobs and Stephen Wozniak1979 music player — «Sony”, Japan1980 Rubik’s Cube — Hungarian Professor Erno Rubik1981 Camcorder — «Sony”, Japan1981 CD — Japan and the Netherlands1983 satellite TV — «Yu-EU Satellite Коммьюникейшн Inc.”, USA1988 Airbags — «Toyota”, Japanthe 1980s Portable computer — Cleve Сиклайр, United Kingdom1998 «Mad Dog 2”, the vehicle of a solar-powered — United Kingdomthe most important inventions of the 19th century.