My reflections

My reflections

Everyone dreams of one: to live enjoying the beauty and happiness. But people’s representation of life is different, because every person is unique. Although there are some common aspirations and ideals, which help us to group people.

The first group is rather spread, which may include people who dream of rich life. Of course, the luxury and power are tempting, but you can’t forget the back side of the coin: “dirty” money, permanent fear for their lives. Wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness, friendship, true love.

Another group of people contents with the life of industrious men. Only favourite work for 24 hours a day… All this is very well, but what about your personal life: your family, relatives, friends, what about contacting with nature? You see, we live among people! Take a look around – life is passing and you can’t enjoy simple things: a ray of sun, a child’s smile, the tender flower breeze.

And finally the third group of people includes incorrigible optimists, and I am glad to relate myself to this group. This group of people is happy only on the fact that they live and notice the beauty of the world. I admire people who can be content with the little, create wonderful atmosphere of kindness, harmony. They manage to succeed in everything; contact with nature, meet interesting people, work for the society, make pleasure for their family and friends. I believe that the life they have is interesting, beautiful and happy. This is the category of people who is always remembered only with gratitude.

We plan our lives ourselves and get “the fruits” of our achievements. Choosing our way of life we should think well about the result we want to get. I want everyone to live and not to regret his actions and decisions. Only then our lives will fill with happiness and harmony.