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My Form Teacher.

(A Composition).

My name is Alex. I am in the fifth form. I want to tell you about my favourite teacher. She is my form teacher and she teachers me English. Her name is Khoroshavtseva Natalia Gennadievna . All pupils in our class really love her. She is interested in so many things. It seems to me that she knows everything in the world because she has answers to all our questions. She loves English and she encourages our efforts. She helps us to take an interest in the learning. With her help we discover new information and get practical experience. We are rarely afraid to take tests because we feel comfortable with Natalia Gennadievna. I like the way she teaches and treats us. I think she is the best form teacher. She wants her pupils to succeed in life and she does a great job preparing us for a future life. We do a lot of things together. We go on school trips and do sports. All children in our class take part in different competitions. Natalia Gennadievna is very reliable, responsible, respectful and with a good sense of humour. She is an inventive person and she is easy to deal with. I am very lucky to be her pupil.