My best friend

My best friend

My friend`s name is Rushana. She is 16 years old. Rushana is a beautiful slender girl. Her hair is dark and long, her eyes are brown, her nose is straight and her face is oval.

Rushana is very honest and kind. She never lets people down. She is very responsible. She finishes whatever she starts. I think she has only two shortcomings – she is a bit stubborn and touchy. But still she is pleasant to deal with.

Rushana has skillful hands. She is a handyman. She is keen on painting. She was going to the painting coterie for a long time. So she draws very well. My dear friend also likes to bead. For example, she beaded a wide, original and beautiful belt last summer. Unfortunately, she wears it very seldom. She even writes poems! So Rushana has a wide circle of talents, though she always tells she knows nothing, and she can`t do anything.

We spend a lot of time together discussing films, television programs, books, Internet events. We talk about everything.

As for me, I respect her for her patience, intellect and modesty.