Мой любимый город_9721

My favourite place in my town is the embankment of the river Tsna. In a hot summer noon I like walking under the shadow of branchy birches. I am fond of watching small ducks, swimming in the water, small boats sailing in the river. Here there a lot of water-lilies, many dragon-flies and sparrows who want to catch them. Green frogs are singing their monotory songs. In such minutes I feel calm and nice.

V. Risling

There are a lot of beautiful places in Morshansk. My favourite place is a forest. I live near the forest and often go there. There are a lot of slim and high pines. Sometimes I can see woodpeckers on the pine. They help the trees to be healthy. I like walking in the forest in spring, when first thawed patches and green grass appear. The air is clean and wet. The sun rays hardly ever penetrate through the trees.

The pines have their branches waved as if they gathered on holiday.

I also like the forest in winter. When I go there I get into a crystal tale. Trees are dressed in beautiful fur coats, huddles are covered with thin ice. It is great!

D. Guseva

Don’t say badly about my land

It is my love and conscious

Hope, happiness and sadness

I am happy, if you are happy.

K. Popova

All that I have

It’s you, my dear.

Lilac and stars which the strangers are jealous,

All is from you

Calm nights and exciting days

Y. Episheva, N. Ivanenkova

Mischievous pines on the glade

They ran away from their friends

They want to be independent and free.

K. Deeva

With love to Russia

I meet the dawn

The whole world is reflected in dew.

My house, my trees, my river,

The sun and the sky

All my motherland glorifies.

I. Solonina

Take my heart, Russia!

My labour, my dreams, please, take

I am your son, Russia

All, that I have, take

V. Golenkova, A. Subbotina