Essay What Would I Like to Invent

Rakitina Alyona

Nowadays science does not stand still and develops. Therefore there are a lot of new inventions like computers, cars, TV sets and others. But many things haven’t been invented yet. So I would like to invent a teleport. I want it looks like a tablet with a map. You should only choose the place where you want to go, press “Start” and it takes you there. Also there is a mini instruction which is attached to the device:

1. not to touch the device with wet hands

2. not to beat somebody by it because it can break

3. not to use it like a stand under the hot dishes

4. use the device only according applying

5. your hands must be clear when you use the gadget.

Teleport works like a splitter of molecules. You only transform into molecules then travel at the speed of light and transform into person again.

It is my dream to have my own teleport. Of course I understand that it can worsen our life because people will move less and it may cause a lot of problems with their health but I think it will be a very useful thing for anybody.