Наша вселенная-космос

А Маn and a Space

Space is a wonderful and mysterious world. A Man is a small grain of sand in the ocean of space. From ancient times people were interested in space. Now people made many discoveries and it seems we know about space much but we don’t know almost anything.

On the one hand space is full of associations with mystery. Moon Walking inspired the men to sing serenades for their loving women. Looking at the sky full of stars people tell about their love, dream, compose poems. What magic stars! No doubt ,the Moon and stars in the dark sky become magical. Very many sings are connected with space. For example, if you think of wishes looking at falling stars they will come true. I hope that all my desires will come true because I believe it.

On the other hand the space keeps much danger. It influences on climate change, our mood and health. Ozone holes ,global warming ,dangerous sunny rays causing skin cancer and other diseases are main reasons disturbing people.

From my point of view space is a wonderful world but it is full of danger.