A Fantastic Story

A Fantastic Story

Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s a dream. I find it difficult to say.

But one day I fell asleep and when I woke up, it was in a strange place. Everything seemed unfamiliar, it was dark all around and nothing was visible. The Sun was gone. I thought that it was too early, but I looked at the clock and realized that the Sun was to awaken children and adults for its long, bright beams.

Some people took to the street and did not understand what was happening. They were in shock. Dark, gloomy sky frightened townspeople. I also decided to go outside; I realized that something terrible had happened. Suddenly, I was faced with my friend Gena. He also looked very scared. People on the street couldn’t navigate and tried to find their homes to wait out the inexplicable. There was rumbling, which even more frightened townspeople. The cries of horror were heard everywhere. The frightened people tried to explain the events. Their versions were fantastic.

A few days ago, the television announcers declared that the spaceship is moving to our planet and perhaps people of the Earth would meet with the aliens soon. But at that time everybody seemed the news was a joke. And now people, thrilled by fear and terror, could believe even the most incredible event. We listened to everything that the people said. Gena is a very inquisitive and courageous guy. He offered to find out what was the cause. So we went looking for adventure. But we didn’t know which way to go. Darkness swallowed up our town. But Gena was persistent and we walked aimlessly, hoping to understand what was happening.

I don’t know how long we wander, as soon as we moved away from the people and their disturbing voices had stopped, we heard a quiet, magnificent music. The sounds were magical and so drawing that we had not looked at the sides. It seemed to us that we fly, obeying the bewitching sound. It was exciting!

Suddenly, a beam of bright light appeared on our way. Its flickering light invited us to visit the huge House, looking like a spaceship from a science fiction movie. Wow! The scientists were right! The aliens really flew to the Earth. But what they wanted? What was their purpose? That thought did not leave my brains. My friend Gena thought the same. As soon as the beam took us to the ship, we were surrounded by nice colorful creatures. They carefully looked at us. Their colors changed as they approached us. I could not move. Gena tried to say something, his body tremblled and the words were illegible.

The music sounded, its magic sounds made us relax. Alien guests started to invite us to dance.

So we started chatting. The thought passed without words, alien faces shone from charming smiles, their huge eyes flew inexplicable mysterious light. It was impressive! I found out that these creatures love to travel. They are studying a planet-wide space system, help neighbors to live and develop; they even organize excursions to their planet. Phew! Then I asked them to help. I reported that the Sun lost on our Earth and all living things could die! Oh! … They said the situation was very serious. The Earth has suffered from the behavior of humans and the alien mission was to show people what they might lose. It is necessary to reflect on their actions in relation to each other and to the nature. Lost time is never found again. And the Sun would return as soon as the spaceship leaves the Earth. I would have to tell all of the people that it could happen very soon on our planet. Gena was excited and decided to hurry up. He didn’t expect to hear it. We thanked the aliens for the friendly meeting, promised to do everything possible to save the planet. A mysterious beam of light appeared out of nowhere and a second later we were already on the ground.

Suddenly, I winced from the resonant sound, opened my eyes and oh, it was a miracle! My room, the bright sun, the gentle singing of birds outside the window, the aroma of fresh air. My Alarm Clock! But what’s wrong with me? Did I sleep? An unforgettable melody was spinning in my head. Aliens, Gena, the missing Sun, a dream or reality … Thoughts became confused; I need to see Gena. Urgent!