Стихотворение посвященное Блокаде Ленинграда

A big deserted city

Around mum and me.

Both grey and freezing winter

Like deep and horror sea.

We are inside the city,

So gloomy and blocade.

And hunger, hunger, hunger,

A piece of bread a day.

Our room is rather empty.

It`s now dark and cold.

And no Dad to help us

Just left to pray the God.

Don`t cry my dear Mummy!

And I will stop to cry.

Let`s go take ice water

To make some tea tonight.

Don`t listen bombing thunder!

Please have a bed with me.

And tell a fairy tale

To dream, to live, to be!

And no more disasters!

All ghosts flew away.

The birds are singing carols,

So coming a more happy day!