Сочинение_1 Костромская Снегурочка в Британии


Kostroma is a native land of Snegurochka, where she lives all her life. She is a symbol of Russian New Year. Snegurochka is a very beautiful girl, who has light skin, deep blue eyes and long blond hair. She lives in a huge luxury house.

Once upon a time Snegurochka had to go to his grandfather to Velikiy Ustyug in order to help him to give presents for children.

She was in a hurry, so she entangled the plane and it happened so that Snegurochka arrived to London.

First of all the young lady was worried and disappointed. She didn’t know what to do. What is more she absolutely didn’t know English language. Snegurochka began to cry. She was alone in a foreign country penniless and nobody could help her. She thought about her grandfather who probably would worry about her because his lovely granddaughter was missed. Her weeping was so loud that one old women came and asked about the problem. But our Snegurochka could say nothing. She tried to show something with help of body language, but it was useless.

The woman understood that the girl had troubles and decided to help her. The woman had a friend who was interpreter and knew a lot of languages. Her name was Kate. The woman called her and explained the situation. Kate immediately came to the airport. It was surprising that Kate had some relatives in Russia. So she told the woman who Snegurochka really was. Snegurochka asked tge acquaintance to help her because the New Year was under the collapse and children could stay without presents. The women were so kind and charitable that they bought a ticket for Snegurochka to Velikiy Ustyug. Snegurochka didn’t know how she could thank these pretty women.

Soon she came back to her grandfather and told him where she had been. Every New Year Snegurochka remembers this situation and every year she goes to London to meet those women and dives presents for them and their children. She can’t forget how much they helped her. They have become really friends. For Snegurochka London now is the place of the politest and kindest people in the world.