Сочинение Жизнь без денег


A world without money…….. This would be so wonderful!!!

All people will be happy and healthy. They will be able to do the things they love. We will gain complete economic freedom. All people will forget about poverty, unemployment, inflation, sale of illicit drugs, muggings, bribery, con artists.

My granny will be able to have all necessary medicine. I will be able to visit all my relatives who live so far from us. My mother’s dream will realize. She will find a good job and our family will get a fine flat in Vladivostok. It won’t be a dear city.

Our family will be able to go to the theatre and museums without money. My parents needn’t quarrel because of money. My family will be united and friendly.

All people will be kind and sincere. So, life without money will be happy, easy and very interesting. I believe in a world without banknotes!!!