Проект Сhristmas traditions in the USA

Christmas Traditions in the U.S.

In America, Christmas is slowly taking root. In Massachusetts in colonial times the celebration was even prohibited. Puritans in America at one time instead of trying to make Christmas the most important Thanksgiving holiday.In our time, «Christmas season» in America begins right after Halloween and ends with a family dinner on December 25 and the distribution of gifts.This holiday has become another excuse to gather the whole family and make nice gifts to each other, to say nice things. Christmas in America are becoming a little more kind and attentive to each other.Almost everyone decorates your house or apartment for Christmas. Most often it is entwined with red and gold ribbons wreaths of fir branches on the door and the colorful lights, the lights in the windows. Homeowners to organize their homes entire exhibition of the figures of the Magi, angels, the Virgin Mary with the baby or Santa Claus and his helpers.Already over the last month and a half, you will see the Christmas and New Year’s decorations in the shop windows. It’s like a competition — whose home, office or shop window decorated with luxuriant and attract more prying eyes. In early December, around the state lit festive lights Carol lights. In early December, U.S. President lights fires in the main tree of America — the one that grows in front of the White House.Christmas illumination lights for about a month, it is removed immediately after the new year. Christmas in America (yes, probably, and all the baptized in the world) is home holiday. Even students rush home for the holidays to enjoy a traditional turkey with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.But America — a multinational country, so a wide variety of banquet tables, which depends on the origin of the owners, the traditions of the family.