As a matter of fact I like to read. But now unfortunately I can’t find free time to read for pleasure. In the past two years, I only read fairy tales to my little son (The Round Little Bun, The turnip, The Thumbelina, and the others, my son’s favorite fairy tale is «Nightmare at Feudora’s Kitchen). But yesterday I was lucky and I’ve got acquainted with the work by H.E. Bates.

Herbert Ernest Bates was born 16 th of May in 1905 in Rusden (it’s a small town in the country of Northamptonshire, England). He wrote 24 novel, 9 vollumes of the essay and 30 collections stories. Bates was very prolific and talented writer, many of his stories were adapted for screen. He was married on Madge Cox. They raised 2 sons and 2 daugheters. Herbert Bates died 29th of January in 1974.

And now about the story. “Never” by Herbert Ernest Bates. The story is written in a form of narration.

This is a simple story, or at first seems so. A young girl Nelly got stuck in daily routine. She got completely tired of monotonous grey days in her house, which returning every morning. Once again she was sitting in a heap near the window, and watching great clouds. She was waiting for a miracle. She dreamed to change her life. She wanted to go away. She had said a hundred times about it, but she had made no attempt to go. Every morning Nelly got up late, was slow over her breakfast, her reading, repairing of torn clothes, to cut a long story short, she was so slowly. She hated all people who surrounded her. At last she decided to leave. She was catching the evening train to London. Nelly was thinking about the dress, which one. Frankly speaking she didn’t disturb about more important things such as a new flat, work and soon and so forth. Even right before leaving, Nellie was playing a waltz and thinking about how she will never have to listen to it again. This moment forced her to be late for her train away from the life she hated so much.

This story appears to be about the nature. The story is an in-depth study of human nature. There is a fear to change her life. She can only dreams about another life but do nothing for it. The indecision and laziness became her friends which she can’t leave.

The second one may be the idea that what seems to one stability and calmness in the house turns out to be a burden and suppression to the other. This story gives food for thoughts. What struck me, why the young girl lives like that? But to make things still worse she did nothing to change her so long.

This is a very short story, with only one character. So who is she?

The author reveals the nature of his character through body movements. How she was sitting in a heap near the window, scarcely moving herself, as if she expected a certain timed happening. And how she slowly draw the finger of one hand across the back of the other, in the little hollows between the guides. She moved her lips in the sad, troubled way in which her brows came together, and soon. Bates’s attention is focused on her slowness. The author also is focused on human feelings and relationships, actions and motives.

Nelly is a simple young girl. She lives in the house with her parents, she has everything she needs. But Nelly isn’t happy. She sees the world only in grey colors. The great clouds moving unsteadily across the sky, in her room is always half dark and sleepy. She is very slowly, you know, I suppose, she was so lazy! She even has difficulty climbing stairs. And it is not surprise that she fed up with this life. Me for one, I would have died of boredom.

No new event happens in her boring life. Every day the same things, the same playing piano, the same cards, even the same phrase of her father that he is never hand a decent hand. We can easily take it for granted that such a life can drive to despair any person, even a patient one.

The trouble is that she doesn’t attempt to alter the situation around her. It is just her dream. She needs young hot blood, adventures, new emotions. But she refuses to make steps into unexplored future, fearing of uncertainty.

I can also suggest it took her quite a long time to make a decision. Anyway, the future attracted and scared her at once. It was her inner conflict. On the one hand, her wild desire to be off the house, and on the other hand – the cold fear of indefinite future.

Let me get my thoughts across. it’s not my cup of tea! And prefer to brightly! Ask yourself, have you ever wished to go away, somewhere very far, start your life anew? I’m sure most of us had dreamed of some new exciting. I want to believe that most of us would be brave enough to leave everything behind and face the unknown future, turn a new leaf.