Why do people draw

Why do people draw? For a long time it was thought that with drawings people could express their feelings.

There are different genres: Old and New Art, the portrait, landscape, the still life, the historical painting, the genre scene. But the most remarkable for me is illustrating stories for readers.

Not by chance, I’ve chosen for my drawing the story “The Princess Diaries” by Meg Cabot. Last summer I took part in the competition of readers “My Summer Reads”. And thanks to this story, I won the first prize!

The story “The Princess Diaries” made a great impression on me. I know there is a film which based on this story, but it is better when you take the book in your hands and every moment imagine as you want. This story is interesting and exciting. It is about unusual life of an ordinary girl, named Mia. Mia considers herself unlucky, but it turns out that her life prepared an incredible surprise. Surprisingly, Mia’s father was the prince of a small European country — Genovia, and Mia inherited his throne.

May be someone will be happy to hear this news, but not Mia.

Do you think that it is simply to be a princess? You are wrong. It is very difficult for a modern young girl. First of all, your manners should comply with Princess Manners. You must learn the etiquette, proper conversation, be as a royal person, rule the country. People of Genovia hope that Mia will become their princess. Development of the country depends on her solutions. I think it is also a great responsibility. Having been a poor girl, she suddenly became a rich one.

I suppose, everyone should find employment that he likes. As for me, reading this book I found for myself the employment – drawing.

Read books because through them you develop your memory and imagination. It is so important in drawing.

In general, all people should develop themselves. Books, learning foreign languages, arts, communication with people will help you in this.