Жизнь и творчество Леонардо ди Каприо

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The life and work of Leonardo DiCaprio

Author: Pletneva Daria

Student of the 10th “G” form of School №200

Scientific director: Sedykh I.I.

The highest category teacher

Yekaterinburg 2012


1) Introduction

2)Theoretical part





3) Practical part

4) Conclusion

5) The list of literature

6) Appendix


It’s no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous and talented actors of the world. He has a lot of fans in each country, so when he met people from one tribe in Brazil, where communication cannot be, and a few people began to whisper: “It is he! The actor, who played in the Titanic!”- it was quite surprising. But Leonardo still found spot on Earth, where he can remain incognito: «Africa — is one of the last places where I still manage to remain anonymous» — he said. It will be fair to say that in the world won’t find many people, who don’t know who is Leonardo DiCaprio. You can find many books and films, about his life and work. I’ve always been interested in his creative progress and success and I’m sure that at present time, when his success grows relentlessly, it’s very enjoyable to speak about this topic to trace the beginning of his career and to draw conclusions about his work as a whole.

The object of my exploration is the life and work of Leonardo DiCaprio.

My tasks are the following:

To read and to analyze the literature on the topic

To explore his filmography (read about it and watch movies with him)

To generalize all the information about it

To make the conclusion

I’ve chosen this topic, because Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor and explore the characters, which he plays is very interesting for me. I think, that all films, where he was played are great,and, of course, this is partly his merit, because he can create a flawless character and he knows how to present it.Doing my work, I want to explore the nature and prerequisites of his success, to trace the path of his development as an actor and try to assess his contribution to contemporary cinema.

In my project I had divided his creation into three parts (earlier, mature and later), about which I will write separately. I had devoted attention to his awards and some facts of his life.

The materials of the project and the presentation can be used at the lesson of Art, English and country studies.

My work consists of five parts: the introduction, the theoretical part, the practical part, the conclusion, the appendix and the presentation. In the main part it’s told about his life and progresses in the career since his childhood through the present time. The practical part of my work is a presentation and interview. In the appendix I write his filmography and show some photos.

Theoretical part


Leonardo DiCaprio, an only child, was born on 11 November 1974 in Los Angeles, state California, USA in the hippie family. His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.

DiCaprio got his name before birth. Pregnant Irmelin walked on the Florence Uffizi Gallery, and when she admired masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci, baby pushed for the first time, she saw this as a sign. The second name is Wilhelm — in honor of his grandfather from Germany.

DiCaprio’s father comes from a family with Italian-German roots. DiCaprio’s mother, Irmelin DiCaprio, nee Indenbirken, was born in West Or-Erkenshvike. Her father was Wilhelm Indenbirken, and her mother — Russian Elena Smirnova, who got married and took her husband’s name Indenbirken after moving to Germany from Russia. DiCaprio, in conversation with Vladimir Putin, said that his grandfather was also Russian, and added: «So I’m not a quarter russian, I’m russian at half».

Leo’s parents divorced when he was just a child, but in spite of this, they maintained friendly relations and spent a lot of time together. The reason for the divorce was the disagreement in attitudes. George was an avid hippies, he drew and sold cartoons (comics), do tattoos, preached underground culture, talked with writers, musicians and other creative people, liked to spend the night overflight in conversation about life and led a bohemian lifestyle. Leo’s mother didn’t like it and they couldn’t be together longer. After the divorce, DiCaprio’s father had a new family, and his mother became the secretary of the court. Leonardo lived with his mother on Hollywood Boulevard, known as the Lilac Alley, in a small apartment in a poor house, and later they moved to Los Feliz and lived there until Leonardo didn’t buy a house in 1997. Since hippies always been good temper, DiCaprio’s parents spent much time together, he says about them: «My parents — as much an integral part of my life, as my legs. They never pretended that we are well together and did not sacrifice nothing for me. They were just there, and that in itself was fine «.

Young Leonardo didn’t like school. He didn’t like that, because there is need to learn what you don’t want. In particular, he didn’t like math, even now, he says, «I have an accountant! And if its need to calculate taxes, it makes the tax inspector.» Teachers considered him incompetent, and the girls didn’t pay any attention. He received two nicknames — DiCappuccino and Noodle. First — for the love of this drink, and the second in the slang mean «head», and in plain language «noodles.» What did mean classmates remain a mystery, but the pasta is indeed a favorite dish DiCaprio.

Leo was a very stubborn child and constantly created problems of his mother. On weekends, father was taking him to himself. In the words about his father, Leo felt his love: «He’s a real cool hippie. Head of his shop, where sells comics and live by their own rules. We always understood each other. Never was such that he told me something forbidden. I owe a lot to him. I could always count on him».

One day, when friends went to his father, one of them said that Leo has a sweet face, and that he can be actor. Since then, his father began bringing him on castings, but its weren’t successful. When Leonardo was 13 years old, the dream to become an actor was ignited in him, it was after he knew of the salary of his half-brother, who was acted in the advertisement. He earned 50,000. For a young Leo, who lived in a poor house, it was a lot of money and the stimulus appeared before him. Since then, he asked to carry him to the casting and terribly upset if he refused the role, he even cried.

It should be remembered that as a child Leonardo played small shows for his toys and favorite actor — Robert De Niro. He put his photo next to the toys and was playing in front of them.

DiCaprio, like many actors, started his career with commercials. He has appeared in about 20 commercials.Then he played in the soap opera «Santa Barbara» and the sitcom «Growing Pains» in the early 1990s. Then he appeared in soap operas: «The New Lassie», «The Outsiders» and «Parenthood». He made his film debut in the comedic sci-fi horror film Critters 3 (1991), but then he will say that it is the most awful film in the history of American cinema. Then he acted in «Poison Ivy» (1992).

His life changed, when he received first notable critical praise for his performance in «This Boy’s Life» (1993).

He finds about the casting in Michael Caton-Jones film «This Boy’s Life», where in the lead roles played his favorite actor Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin. About 400 boys were in the casting and what a surprise it was for Leo, when he learned that De Niro would be talking casting himself. He talked about the events that he had to pick up all his fear and go into the room as if nothing had happened. And it worked — Leo got the role and invaluable experience of acting from his favorite actor.

DiCaprio obtained recognition for his subsequent work in supporting roles in film «What’s Eating Gilbert Grape» (1993). LasseHallström put this film based on the novel by Peter Hedges. For the role of a mentally retarded child, DiCaprio visited orphanages, hospitals and interacted with the children. In addition, he watched at playing of Johnny Depp, because he has already managed to make a name for himself. In the end, the acting of Leo were all impressed and he was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor, but the statuette went to Tommy Lee Jones. As DiCaprio admitted he was glad of this, he said: «I hate public speaking. One thought that if he wins I’ll have to go out and say something to the masses of people who are watching the ceremony of «Oscar» led me horrified. When my mother and I attended the ceremony, everyone started saying that I could win and I started to shake hands. Winner of the «Best Supporting Actor» declared one of the first, so I wanted to run away to the bathroom and sit out there. But next was my mother, and I did not want to put her in an awkward position. So I sat glued to smile and think of only one thing: I didn’t prepare homework, that is, the speech of the winner, and when they announced the name of Tommy Lee Jones, I had a feeling that I remember from school: you didn’t learn terribly complex theory teacher looks to the log, you wait in fear that will cause you and the victim turns out to be your neighbor. I was immensely happy for Tommy: he saved me from embarrassment before the whole world «. Despite the fact that Leo left empty-handed, he had already established himself as an actor, because his name was among the brightest stars of American cinema.

Then Leo played in “The Foot Shooting Party” (1994; film-director was Annette Haywood-Carter) and “The Quick and the Dead” (1995; film-director was Sam Raimi; in this film Leonardo DiCaprio was playing with Sharon Stone and she said about him: “Clearly, he will become a big star. I promised him that the door of my house will be open for him when he begins to pursue the crowd fans. He’s extraordinary. But he’s a rare delicate elegant flower. I fear for him because I love him terribly, «and a few some time she said about Leo:» Leonardo — it’s our little Marlon Brando, our Mozart, our exceptional, magical, mysterious talent «).

Then one of the most demanding roles waited DiCaprio — the role in «The Basketball Diaries». This film was the adaptation of Jim Carroll’s autobiographical novel, and tells about a young basketball player, whose life is falling apart because of drugs. The film was so strong that it has even been banned in some countries. The reason for DiCaprio to play this role was a real tragedy — River Phoenix, a young actor, died of a drug overdose. Amazingly was that the fate of the actors were very similar: they grew up on the screen, soon achieved success in dramatic roles, and both have been nominated for an Oscar, but didn’t get it.

On the question «What you get for yourself thanks the role of a former drug addict and poet Jim Carroll?» Leo said, «You need to have a clear idea of ​​which way you want to go in life. Because there are always a few opportunities.» Press greeted the film is pretty cool, but the game of Leonardo was interested. «The Washington Post» wrote about DiCaprio: «With deep-set eyes, Leonardo DiCaprio has worked to exhaustion and created a stunning image of a fallen angel Carroll».

With helping of his salary Leonardo bought for his father a luxury «Mercedes 600» and invited his mother and grandmother in the most chic and expensive restaurant in Los Angeles. Although «The Basketball Diaries,» has not had much success in the USA and have not been bought in France, DiCaprio said that this role has helped him improve his acting and go to a new role in the movie «Total Eclipse.»

Next DiCaprio starred in “Total Eclipse”, this film tells about homosexual relationship between Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, played by David Thewlis (he replaced River Phoenix).

For DiCaprio to play this kind of relationship was difficult. In addition to the «risky scenes» for Leonardo was even more unpleasant part in the movie was being his mother at it. Irmelin played one of the nurses, who presented at the amputation of Arthur’s(whose Leo was playing) leg. This episode was similar to what is happening in really life. The fact is that at this time Irmelin still sat with her sick father. Grandpa Leo did a similar operation as Rimbaud, but he died. This happened in late 1995. After some time, his beloved dog Rocky died too.

Reviews of the film were quite different, the film didn’t become a huge hit, but the DiCaprio’s role again made ​​everyone realize that the young actor is very unpredictable.

DiCaprio appeared with his friends Kevin Connolly and Tobey Maguire in the mostly improvised short film called «Don’s Plum», as a favor to aspiring director R.D. Robb. When Robb decided to expand the black-and-white film to feature length, however, DiCaprio and Maguire had its release blocked by court order, arguing that they never intended to make it a theatrical release, as it would have commercial value thanks to their stardom. The film eventually premiered at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival, where it was well received by critics, with Time Out New York writer Mike D’Angelo calling it «the best film [I saw] in Berlin».

DiCaprio’s stock with critics was now exceptionally high. It was time to step into the mainstream, and this he did by taking the lead in «Romeo + Juliet» by BazLuhrmann. Keeping Shakespeare’s original words, Luhrmann set the movie in modern-day Verona, seeing DiCaprio romance, Claire Danes like a Juliet amidst an out-and-out gang war between the Montagues and Capulets. It was flashy and fun and it «hit teens in hurt».

Later in his career followed the drama «Marvin’s Room,» where he starred with Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton. This film is the last in his early works (in my individual division of his work). In 1997 the film won a gold prize «St. George.»

Early Leo’s career was very controversial and ambiguous. Someone loved him, someone — no. But one thing was clear for sure – he is an extraordinary guy and incredibly talented. But still, who could have thought that he was waiting for more such peaks …


I shared the stagesof DiCaprio’s career since Titanic (mature stage), because I believe that the acting in this film turned point in his career. At first, it brought him to international fame, and secondly, there DiCaprio had a completely new role (similar line was only in the «Romeo + Juliet»). Some authors of books about DiCaprio’s claim that at firsthe did not want to appear in «Titanic.» But James Cameron just hurt his feelings by saying that Leo probably will not be able to this role and the next day DiCaprio signed a contract, which became for him the key to the world cinema. It’s possible to write a separate work on the set of «Titanic»,because this is his the most famous work. But every coin has two sides. Leo earned fame as the new opportunities, but troubles associated with fame too.

The following year, DiCaprio made a self-mocking cameo appearance in Woody Allen’s caustic satire of the fame industry, Celebrity (1998).

That year, he also starred in the dual roles of the villainous King Louis XIV and his secret, sympathetic twin brother Philippe in Randall Wallace’s The Man in the Iron Mask, based on the same-titled 1939 film. Despite receiving a rather mixed to negative response, the film became a box office success, grossing US$180 million internationally. Though DiCaprio’s performance was generally well-received, with Entertainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiberman writing that «the shockingly androgynous DiCaprio looks barely old enough to be playing anyone with hormones, but he’s a fluid and instinctive actor, with the face of a mischievous angel», he was awarded a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screen Couple for both incarnations the following year.

DiCaprio’s next project was the drama film The Beach (2000), an adaption of Alex Garland’s same-titled 1996 novel. Starring alongside TildaSwinton and Virginie Ledoyen, he played an American backpacking tourist looking for the perfect way of life in a secret island commune in the Gulf of Thailand. Budgeted at $US50 million, the film became a financial success, grossing $US144 million worldwide, but as with DiCaprio’s previous project, the film was largely panned by critics.

DiCaprio’s first film of 2002 was the crime-comedy «Catch Me If You Can», based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr., who, before his 19th birthday, used his charm, confidence, and several different personas, to make millions in the 1960s writing bad checks. Directed by Steven Spielberg and co-starring Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken, the film was shot in 147 different locations in only 52 days, making it «the most adventurous, super-charged movie-making» DiCaprio had experienced yet. «Catch Me If You Can» received favorable reviews and proved to be an international success, becoming DiCaprio’s highest-grossing film since «Titanic» with a total of US$351.1 million worldwide. The following year, DiCaprio received his third Golden Globe nomination for his work on the film.

Also in 2002, DiCaprio appeared in Martin Scorsese’s «Gangs of New York» (this was their first work together), a historical film set in the mid-19th century in the Five Points district of New York City. Director Scorsese initially struggled selling his idea of realizing the film until DiCaprio became interested in playing protagonist Amsterdam Vallon, a young leader of the Irish faction, and thus, Miramax Films got involved with financing the project. Nonetheless production on the film was plagued by blown-out budgets and producer-director squabbles, resulting in a marathon eight-month shoot and, at US$103 million, the most expensive film Scorsese had ever made. Upon its release, «Gangs of New York» became a financial and critical success however. DiCaprio’s acting was well-received but remained overshadowed by Daniel Day-Lewis performance among most critics.

Forging collaboration with Scorsese, the two paired again for a biopic of the eccentric and obsessive American film director and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes in «The Aviator» (2004). Centering on Hughes’ life from the late 1920s to 1947, DiCaprio initially developed the project with Michael Mann, who decided against directing it after back-to-back film biographies in «Ali» and «The Insider». The actor eventually pitched John Logan’s script to Scorsese, who quickly signed on to direct. Altogether, DiCaprio reportedly spent more than a year and a half in preparation for the film which was not necessarily shot in continuity because of actors and locations schedules. «The Aviator» became a critical and financial success. DiCaprio received rave reviews for his performance and won a Golden Globe Award for «Best Actor», also receiving another Academy Award nomination.

In 2006, DiCaprio starred in «Blood Diamond» and «The Departed». In Edward Zwick’s war film «Blood Diamond», he co-starred alongside Jennifer Connelly and DjimonHounsou as a diamond smuggler from Rhodesia who is involved in the Sierra Leone Civil War. The film itself received generally favorable reviews, and DiCaprio was praised for the authenticity of his South African Afrikaner accent, known as a difficult accent to imitate.

In Scorsese’s «The Departed» he played the role of Billy Costigan, a state trooper working undercover in an Irish Mob in Boston. Highly anticipated, the film was released to overwhelmingly positive reviews and became one of the highest-rated wide release films of 2006. Budgeted at US$90 million, it also emerged as DiCaprio and Scorsese’s highest-grossing collaboration to date, easily beating «The Aviator´s» previous record of US$213.7 million. DiCaprio’s performance in «The Departed» was applauded by critics and earned him a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor. The same year, both the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild nominated DiCaprio twice in the Best Actor category for both of his 2006 features, and in addition, DiCaprio earned his third Academy Award nomination for «Blood Diamond».

In 2008, DiCaprio starred in «Body of Lies», a spy film based on the novel of the same name by David Ignatius, set in context of the Middle East and the War on Terror, unfolding the story of three men battling a terrorist organization, and each other. Directed by Ridley Scott and co-starring Russell Crowe and Vince Colosimo, DiCaprio dyed his hair brown and wore brown contacts for the role, which he chose to pursue because he considered it a throwback to political films in the 1970s such as «The Parallax View» (1974) and «Three Days of the Condor» (1975). The film received mixed reviews from critics, and at a budget of US$67.5 million, became a moderate box office success, grossing US$115 million worldwide.

DiCaprio’s mature work, in my opinion, is different seriousness, consistency, thoroughness of his approach to the role. We can see how he matured and how he internally changes. This is very important to prove that he was really good actor, because after «Titanic» it was very difficult to cope with flame.


Separating the mature stage of the career and the later stage, I have been guided by the fact that in my opinion, from «Revolutionary Road» DiCaprio’s roles started getting more and more serious and dramatic. And also the fact that this film — Leo and Kate reunited after so many years.

The drama «Revolutionary Road» (2008), directed by Winslet’s then-husband Sam Mendes. As both actors had been reluctant to make romantic films similar to «Titanic», it was Winslet who suggested that both should work with her on a film adaptation of the 1961 novel of the same name by Richard Yates after reading the script by Justin Haythe, knowing that plot had little in common with the 1997 blockbuster. Once DiCaprio agreed to do the film, it went almost immediately into production. He noted that he saw his character as «unheroic» and «slightly cowardly» and that he was «willing to be just a product of his environment». Portraying a couple in a failing marriage in the 1950s, DiCaprio and Winslet watched period videos promoting life in the suburbs to prepare themselves for «Revolutionary Road», which earned them favorable reviews. For his portrayal DiCaprio garnered his seventh nomination from the Golden Globes.

DiCaprio continued his work with Scorsese in the psychological thriller film «Shutter Island» (2010), based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane. Co-starring Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo and Michelle Williams in supporting roles, the actor played U.S. Marshal Edward «Teddy» Daniels, who is investigating a psychiatric facility located on an island and comes to question his own sanity. With US$41 million, the film opened at number-one at the box office, giving both DiCaprio and Scorsese their best box office opening yet.

Also in 2010, DiCaprio starred in director Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction film «Inception». Inspired by the experience of lucid dreaming and dream incubation, DiCaprio portrays the character of Cobb, an «extractor» who enters the dreams of others to obtain information that is otherwise inaccessible. Cobb is promised a chance to regain his old life in exchange for planting an idea in a corporate target’s mind. DiCaprio, the first actor to be cast in the film, was «intrigued by this concept — this dream-heist notion and how this character’s going to unlock his dreamworld and ultimately affect his real life». Released to critical acclaim, the film grossed over US$21 million on its opening day, with an opening weekend gross of US$62.7 million.

In 2011, DiCaprio starred in Clint Eastwood’s «J. Edgar», a biopic about J. Edgar Hoover, the controversial first director of the FBI.

Also recently DiCaprio starred as villainous Calvin Candie in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film «Django Unchained».

He was also cast in the title role in Oliver Stone’s film «Travis McGee», in which he is expected to play a salvage consultant who helps his clients to recover lost property, and is attached to star as a father who kidnaps and tortures the man who kidnapped his daughter in the thriller Prisoners.

In addition, DiCaprio is said to be involved in the pre-production of Ridley Scott’s project «Brave New World», Marc Forster’s The Chancellor Manuscript and the biopic “Sinatra”, a film about Frank Sinatra to be directed by Martin Scorsese. In July 2010, it was announced that DiCaprio had pulled out of a Viking movie to be directed by Mel Gibson amid controversy over Gibson’s rage-fueled rant tapes and domestic violence probe. On November 1, 2010, it was announced that DiCaprio’s production company had acquired the rights to the Erik Larson novel, «The Devil in the White City». The novel tells the true story of Dr. H. H. Holmes, a serial killer responsible for the death of hundreds of women during the Chicago World’s Fair. It has also been announced that DiCaprio will star in the film, playing the role of serial killer H. H. Holmes.

He was also cast in the role of Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming adaptation of the novel «The Great Gatsby».

On November 19, 2010, it was announced that DiCaprio will produce and star in the upcoming 2013 movie based on the book «Legacy of Secrecy» by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. DiCaprio will play FBI informant Jack Van Laningham.

Then DiCaprio will reunite with Scorsese for the fifth time in «The Wolf of Wall Street», a true story based on the life of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who was arrested in the late 1990s for security fraud and money laundering.

As we can see, the DiCaprio’s roles become another interesting one, which was before, he does not stop acting. In every age he is beautiful and charming and he knows how to present himself and his character, and it is real talent!

AWARDS1) This Boy’s Life:

Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Emerging Actor

2)What’s Eating Gilbert Grape:

Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Emerging ActorNational Board of Review Award for Best Supporting ActorNominated—Academy Award for Best Supporting ActorNominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

3)Romeo + Juliet:

Silver Bear for Best Actor (Berlin)

Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (Shared with Claire Danes)

Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (Shared with Claire Danes)Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Performance

4) Marvin’s Room:

Chlorides Award for Best Supporting ActorNominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture


Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor – Drama

MTV Movie Award for Best Performance

Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (Shared with Kate Winslet)

Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (Shared with Kate Winslet)Nominated—Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

6) Celebrity:

Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Hissy Fit

7)The Beach:

Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor – DramaNominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Chemistry (Shared with Virginie Ledoyen)

8) Catch Me If You Can:

Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Liar

Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Performance

9) Gangs of New York:

Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (Shared with Cameron Diaz)Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice

Movie Liplock (Shared with Cameron Diaz)

10) The Aviator:

Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

MTV Movie Award for Best Performance

Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actor

Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

Nominated—Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor

Nominated—London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor

Nominated—Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor

Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor – Drama

11)The Departed:

Gransito Movie Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

National Board of Review Award for Best Cast

Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

Satellite Award for Best Cast – Motion Picture

Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading RoleNominated—Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best ActorNominated—Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best ActorNominated—Empire Award for Best ActorNominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—Online Film Critics Society Award for Best ActorNominated—People’s Choice Award for Best On-Screen Match-Up (Shared with Matt Damon & Jack Nicholson)

Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor – Drama

12)Blood Diamond:

Nominated—Academy Award for Best Actor

Nominated—Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best ActorNominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—Satellite Award for Best Actor — Motion Picture DramaNominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

Nominated—Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor – Drama

13) Revolutionary Road:

Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

14) Shutter island:

Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor – Horror/ThrillerNominated—National Movie Award for Performance of the YearNominated—People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor (Also for Inception)Nominated—Saturn Award for Best Actor

Nominated—Scream Award for Best Horror Actor

15) Inception:

Scream Award for Best Science Fiction Actor

Nominated—Empire Award for Best Actor

Nominated—MTV Movie Award for Best WTF Moment (Shared with Ellen Page)Nominated—People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor (Also for Shutter Island)Nominated—People’s Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen TeamNominated—Saturn Award for Best ActorNominated—Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—Scream Award for Best Ensemble

16) J. Edgar:

Nominated—AACTA International Award for Best ActorNominated—Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best ActorNominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture DramaNominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

Nominated—Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

17) Django Unchained:

National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting ActorPending—Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor — Motion PictureNominated—Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting ActorNominated—Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor

Practical part of my work

I made two interviews on my page in the Internet. The first interview was attended 350 people and in second 250.

First subject asked was:What is your favorite film starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

And answer options:

1) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993) 12 votes 3.4%

2) The Basketball Diaries (1995) 10 votes 2.8%

3) Romeo + Juliet (1996) 7 votes 2%

4) Titanic (1997)145 votes 41.2%

5) The Beach (2000)8 votes 2.3%

6) Gangs of New York (2002)10 votes 2.8%

7) Catch Me If You Can (2002) 37 votes 10.5%

8) The Aviator (2004) 6 votes 1.7%

9) Shutter Island (2009) 39 votes 11.1%

10) Inception (2010) 77 votes 22.2%

Thus, according to the interview, most people like “Titanic” (145 votes, 41.2%), then “Inception” (77 votes, 22.2%) and “Shutter Island” (39 votes, 11.1%).

The second subject asked was:What stages of Leonardo DiCaprio’s creation do you mostly like?

And answer options:

1) Early Stage (This Boy’s Life, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries, Total Eclipse, Romeo + Juliet, Marvin’s Room, etc.) 29 votes 11.6%

2) Mature Stage (Titanic, Beach, Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, etc.) 146 votes 58.2%

3) Later Stage (Revolutionary Road, Shutter Island, Inception, J. Edgar, DjangoUnchained, The Great Gatsby, etc.) 75 votes 30.3%

Thus, according to the interview, most people like Mature stage (146 votes, 58.2 %).


Leonardo DiCaprio’s extraordinary. You can love him or no, but to say that he has no talent, you cannot. He grew up in front of a movie in the movie, he brought more and more skills and for this he should be respected.

Here’s what some people said about him:

«I was impressed by Leonardo, after the age of 23 he already had so much experience. His remarkable body language, he always knows the best way to play. This is a cause of respect» Gerard Depardieu

«Leo — pure spirit. The best actor of his generation «

James Cameron

«Our friendship is very special.Oh, Leonardo! He is my best friend.I love him, appreciate him, I am willing to do anything for him. He is so funny, kind, he is the most special person in my life»

Kate Winslet

«From him we get aesthetic pleasure. He is charismatic, very receptive, with great charm»

Claire Danes

«He’s a genius. He’s crazy. He is absolutely wild «

Meryl Streep

«The kid grew up to be a real man. I am proud to have known him. I am happy to work with him.»

Martin Scorsese

In addition, DiCaprio is actively involved in charity work, the environment and interested in nature. This characterizes him as a caring person, what is very important nowadays.

Do this work, I wanted to show the Leo’s way with the difficulties he went through and what he has achieved and to prove that this person is worthy of respect.

The list of literature:

1)Leonardo DiCaprio — Romeo of our time (Alexey Grachev, 2009)

2) Celebrities of America (2002)

3) Rising stars of Hollywood (2005)

4) kinopoisk.ru

5) twitter. ru (https://twitter.com/LeoDiCaprio)

6) http://www.leonardodicaprio.com/