The invention of the 19th century project 10 класс

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Kholomeeva I. V.

The inventions of the 19th century

The inventions of the 19th century:the year 1900 paper Clip — Eochan Valer, Norwaythe year 1900 Sound film » Leon Gaumont, Francethe year 1900 Airship — Ferdinand von Zeppelin — German designer airships1901 Safety razor — king Kelm Gillette, American merchant1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright — American engineers, who made the first flight on a plane1903 crayons — «Крайола”, USA1904 Diode — John Ambrose Fleming, the British engineer-electrician1906 Fountain pen — Slavoljub Penkala, Serbian inventorin 1907 Washing machine — Alva J.. Fisher1908 the Assembly line of the » Henry Ford, American engineer1908 Geiger — German physicist Hans Geiger and In. Muller invented a device for the detection and measurement of radioactivity1909 Louis Bleriot, a French engineer, made a flight over the English channel1909, Robert Edwin Peary — American researcher has reached the North pole1910 the Alfred Wegener — German geophysicist, author of the theory of continental drift1910 Mixer — George Smith and Fred Ozius, USA1911, Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian Explorer who was the first to reach the South pole1912 Robert Falcon Scott — a British military officer, the second reached the South pole1912 Reflector — «belling To”, USA1913 Autopilot — Elmer Спири (USA)1915 Mask — Fritz Haber, German chemist1915 Cardboard cartons of milk — van Vopmer — USA1915-Resistant glass — ware — «Pyrex Corning glass Works”, USA1916 Microphone — USA1916 Tank — William Триттон, the British designerthe year 1917 Electric lights for Christmas trees — albert Садакка, American Spanish originthe year 1917 Shock therapy — United Kingdom1920 hair dryer — «Racine universal motor company, USA1921 albert Einstein, American physicist, a native of Germany, formulated the theory of relativity1921 the lie Detector » John And. Larsen (USA)1921 Toaster — Чарлльз Straight (USA)1924 Plaster — Josephine Dixon, United Statesthe year of 1926 Black-and-white TV — John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor1927 artificial breathing Apparatus — Philippe Дринкер, American researcher in the field of medicine1928 year of Penicillin, the first antibiotic, outdoor Alexander Fleming, a Scottish bacteriologist1928 Chewing gum — Walter E. Dimer, USA1929 yo-yo — Pedro Flores, Philippines1930 multi-storeyed Parking — Paris, France 1930 Electronic clock — Пенвуд Нумекрон1930 Adhesive tape — Richard drew, USA1930 Frozen semi — finished products-Clarence Бирсей, USAAbout 1930 Bra1932 Counter in the Parking lot — Carlton Sorcerers, American inventor1932 Electric guitar — Адольфус Рикенбакет, USA1933 — 1935 Radar — Rudolf Кюнхолд and Robert Watson-Watt1934 Nylons — Wallace Hume Carothers, an American chemist1936 Food baskets and carts, Silvan Голдмен and Fred young, USA1938 Copy machine — Chester Carson, American lawyer and contributed to the development of xerography1938 Ballpoint pen — Laszlo Biro1939 DDT — Paul Mueller and Weisman — Switzerland1940 Mobile phone — «the bell Telephone Лабораториес”, USA1943 Aqualung — Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French oceanographer1946 the Electronic computer — John Преспер Eckert and John Моукли, USA1946 Micro-wave oven — Percy Lebaron Spencer, USA1948 Player — «CBS Corporation”, USAthe year 1949, the 10th of January Начнается issue — vinyl recordsThe company RCA — 45 revolutions per minuteThe Firm Columbia — 33, 3 revolutions per minute1950 Remote упавление — «Zenith Electronics Corporation, USA1950 Credit card — Ralph Schneider, USA1951 Liquid paper — Bette Несмит Graham, United States1952 Rubber gloves — United Kingdom1954-sized Transistor radio «Regency electronics”, USA1955 LEGO — OLE kirk Christiansen, Denmark1956 Contact lenses, USA1957 Ultrasound — Professor Ian Donald, Scotland1957 Vivian Ernest Фучс — first crossed the Antarctic1958 Barbie Doll — Ore Хандлер, USA1958 Hula-Hoop — Richard P. R & d and Arthur Melvin, American inventors1959 Microchip — Jack Kilby, USA1959 Ship on an air pillow — Christopher Кокерелл, British engineerthe year 1960 Laser — Theodore Майман, American physicist1961 Spacecraft Shuttle, USA1961, Alan Bartlett Shepard, the first American, geometry went into space on Board capsules «freedom 7”1961 Yuri Gagarin — the Russian cosmonaut, first man in space1962 John Herschel Glenn, Jr. — the first American облетевший around the Earth1962 Industrial robots — «Унимейшн”, USA1963 cassette — «Phillips”, the Netherlands1964 high-Speed train — Japan1965 Virtual reality — Ivan Слахерленд, American scientist, specialist of computer technologies1968 Computer mouse — Douglas Engelbart1969 the First men to walk on the moon — the U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Олдрин1970 the Artificial heart — Robert To. Ярвик, USA1970 Fire alarm — «Питвей Corporation”, USA1971 Vest — Stephanie Кволек, American chemist who invented fiber1972 Computer games — Nolan Bushnell, USA1973 Вобот, the first human robot — Japan1977 Internet Vint CERF, USA1978 Personal computer — Steve jobs and Stephen Wozniak1979 music player — «Sony”, Japan1980 Rubik’s Cube — Hungarian Professor Erno Rubik1981 Camcorder — «Sony”, Japan1981 CD — Japan and the Netherlands1983 satellite TV — «Yu-EU Satellite Коммьюникейшн Inc.”, USA1988 Airbags — «Toyota”, Japanthe 1980s Portable computer — Cleve Сиклайр, United Kingdom1998 «Mad Dog 2”, the vehicle of a solar-powered — United Kingdomthe most important inventions of the 19th century.