The impact of a computer on the human psyche Report 10 класс

The impact of a computer on the human psyche

There are many computer games, which are directed to the consumption of a wide range of people. Genres of many, because the demand begets a proposal, and therefore the creators of the games do not stop for a moment its own mechanism of production. So why are all still need a game? Answer all know, those who have dealt with them. For the majority of it’s way to occupy themselves in their spare time, but there is a category of people who play and earn money. This kind of earnings is called e-sports, that is, there are competitions in various games.

Games — disease of the XXI century it says. The games industry has captured almost all of the youth. And this is very bad, as the benefits of Hobbies games doubtful and side effects rife. The most important-it’s killing time. The time spent on the study of computer games, you can say, wasted. In addition, gamers spoils his sight, posture, nerves parents and their psyche. Of course, the cool of the «wet» monsters, somewhere in the virtual world, but the benefits of the no.

Long work behind the computer affects many functions of our body: the higher nervous activity of the endocrine, immune and reproductive systems, the vision of the bone-muscular apparatus of the human… What could this mean for the average person? All what you want! From spoiled view to varicose veins in the legs. Frankly, all this You can «earn» and without a computer, simply leading unbalanced lifestyle. The computer is just another link in the same chain: insufficient rest, a sedentary lifestyle, неорганичное food, etc.

All of the above ailments certainly impact on the mental condition. And if the sight, hearing may be worsened by means of a keyboard, mouse or monitor, the psyche in the first place affecting more, so to say, virtual stuff — games and the Internet. This is something that draws», then, from which it is impossible to tear myself away, then, without which many are no longer of his life — this maniacal dependency on the Internet or from the games. If anything, Internetomaniya, igromaniya.

First of all, it is necessary to say at once that we are talking about many hours sitting at the computer. Second, we have in mind the people who spend their time in chat rooms, forums, for games and are not engaged in work in the Internet (collection of information, etc.). By the way, they constitute about 90% of all «Long-sitting» in the network. Hence the third proposition: the portrait of the audience. Actually it-that is the basic reason for this time, with all the ensuing consequences. The people living my life on the Internet is often needed social support, they have big difficulties in communication, they experience frustration, low self-esteem, zakompleksovannost, shyness, etc. All these problems «solves» the Internet! The Internet as if saying to them: «Go into the chat, introduce yourself anyone, satisfy all your desires and do not be afraid!» And people hurry away in a safe environment for them to nothing that life. Thus, they, firstly, exacerbate those of his traits of character, from which you would like to get rid of, as well as acquire new: departure from reality by means of a change of his mental state, virtually changing their sex, age… of course, gradually this way of life, way of thinking, permeates all levels of their life. A person begins to act and think differently. He differently solves the problems of daily life, family, personal, professional, partnerships, etc.

That’s the kind of psychological symptoms may start to feel a man, if he belongs to the group of risk of Internet-addicted persons:

well-being or euphoria at the computer;

the inability to stop;

the increase in quantity of time spent at the computer;

neglect of family and friends;

the feeling of emptiness, depression, anger, not for computers.

lie employers or family members about its activity;

problems with work or study.

Dangerous signals are also:

obsessive desire to constantly check e-mail;

the anticipation of the next session online;

the increase in time spent online;

the increase in the quantity of money that is spent online.

In fact all of these symptoms you will meet people with any addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs or work. Eventually, if you do not take any measures, state dependent compounded by turning into mania. Feeling of euphoria at the computer, they at the same time cultivate in himself imbalance, absent-mindedness, negligence, self-isolation, the loss of any of the usual values, loss of internal guidelines, an indifferent attitude to the family. By the way, a huge misconception of many people living with drinkers or интернетозависимыми relatives, that the above qualities they see in your personal account, trying to call a «dependent» human to ethical standards. But, once again, it’s misleading. These people are sick, and disease led to profound changes in personality, appearance of new, quite unpleasant, traits of character.

If adults are more or less consciously make their choice, the children often become hostages of the lifestyle of their parents. Unfortunately, in addition to catching their computermaniya there are a number of other side effects from long communication with the computer. The children quickly adapt to the surrounding world, and to the world of computers, too. Many of the changes may not be apparent immediately, «naked eye» (they will be able to identify only an experienced teacher or psychologist). For example, it can affect their emotional terms, there may be heightened aggressiveness and outbursts of violence. Another observation — the kids out of the dream, are unable to create their own visual images, with difficulty, generalize and analyze the information. A computer can become a cause of long-term disorders in mental and intellectual development of children. The so-called computer generation worse are several types of memory, there is the emotional immaturity and irresponsibility.

As for me a computer can become a friend or worst enemy, can help in trouble, and can add a lot of problems, can help to find like-minded people, and can lead to loneliness.