The future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams_16471

The future belongs to those, who believe in beauty of their dreams”

Ann Konovalova

9A Form School №27

Teacher :O.P.Linyova

There are so many different people all over the world and everyone has his dreams. Some wish to have a big house, others — to be famous. I’m a student and that’s why some of my dreams are about my school. In my opinion everybody should have a dream, even if dreams may not come true. They will stay in our hearts and minds forever. I want to say that in spite of all my dream could be realized.

I think I go to one of the best schools in Russia. Of course, it isn’t the best one, because there is no perfect school in the whole world. Maybe it is strange, but I love my school, though it’s not a secret that sometimes I think about another school — it’s my dream school. And it is very different!

If you asked, what my dream school is, I would say that it is organized on the following rule: you study for knowledge, not for grades.

Another important thing about my dream school is that the size of classes would be smaller – 15 pupils maximum and the teachers would have high level of education. I would like to go to school, where the relations between teachers and students are not tense. Of course, for this both teachers and students should be blamed. It would be really very nice if teachers treat students as already “grown ups” who can express their own opinion, thoughts and ideas. And of course, the students must respect their teachers first of all as adults and then as specialists in their fields from whose experience they can learn a lot. All the teachers are calm and always smile. Their purpose isn’t to write us bad marks or to laugh at us showing their superiority. No! They are attentive to everyone. They just try to teach us the basics of the knowledge. This would make studying quite easier and more pleasant. Since no poor or excellent grades would be given the students won’t be obligated to sit tests. This would make the pupils attend the classes more willingly.

I would like to mention that I dream of a school where students and teachers work together and respect each other in order to reach the highest level of academic achievements. And education means intelligence.

Now I’ll tell you a very stupid story, but full of a big moral.It was a beautiful autumn day ,the sun was shining, the weather was fine and we were having the English language lesson. The main characters are we, pupils, and our teacher Linyova Olga Petrovna. Here is the story.

It was 8.15 and we were waiting for her to come into the study. Olga Petrovna was late and we had nothing to do so we built some paper airplanes. When she came in we were still playing with them. She saw us in action and she punished us – we were made to write this story.

First of all we would like to apologize for our misbehavior. It is not a crime to play with paper airplanes, but it is stupid to do it in the classroom because we are grown ups and this is a game for children. So we hope she will understand us and excuse us, because she was a child too. That’s why we wrote her a letter with our honest apology.

There was nothing strange in the reaction of the whole class. Everybody was laughing at the teacher’s decision. They thought that our teacher had lost her mind, though we all knew, it was not so.

And the moral is listen to what the teachers say, because first of all it is necessary for ourselves. We hope this advice will be useful in our dream school. Please, God, let us come to you by our minds…

The school of my dream should be somewhere in a forest. It should be big and painted in bright colours in order to make the people, who go to school, happy. The teachers should be even happier than the students and should love their job.

So, step by step we could change our school and make it just like the school in my dreams. And this means it won’t be any more a school, which exists only in my imagination, but a real one.

This is my dream for the new school and it could come true, as it is possible to achieve. I don’t like many of things in our school, but I think that it is good enough and we don’t have to change it radically.

I’d like to end my essay by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt ” The future belongs to those, who believe in beauty of their dreams”.