The Memorial complex of my district

Muslyumovo district is situated on the east of Tatarstan. It borders on the Republic of Bashkortostan from the East, on Aktanysh from the North, on Menzelinsk from the north-west, on Aznakayevo and Sarmanovo from the South and south – west. The area is 1464,3 sq. km. The population is about 21272.

Muslyumovo was founded in the middle of the 18th century. It is located in a very picturesque place, on the left bank of the river Ik. Maybe its hospitability is connected with its geographical position. Everyone who has ever been there will never forget the atmosphere of cordiality and kindness. It is created by native people.

For each person the native land is a source of power. Motherland is the dearest that a man has, it’s a man’s holy. This is true for everyone who was born and grew up in Muslyumovo district, came into contact with this beautiful place on the Earth which is famous for its beautiful traditions.

History of our district as a drop of large ocean reflects history of the whole our large native land.

These are organization of the first collective farms, stern years of Great Patriotic war, years of economical raising and building.

There is no future without the past. People of many generations of the country unite when they keep memory about the history of their native land.

One of the most tragic events in the life of our people was Great Patriotic war. In 2015 we will celebrate 70 years of great Victory. In years of Great Patriotic war 8140 (eight thousand one hundred and forty) heroes went to the front from the Muslyumovsky district. 5602 (five thousand six hundred and two) of them didn’t return. A lit of them were awarded with medals. Ildar Mannanov, Gimazetdin Vazetdinov, Petr Dneprov were awarded with golden star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

With the purpose of perpetuation their names and memory Memorial Complex was built in the park of culture and rest. We want to tell you about Memorial Complex which keeps a lot of information about heroes of our native district.

Earlier there was a monument to the fallen in Great Patriotic war. It was opened in 1974 in the Kalinin’s park of culture and rest. At first we will tell you a little about this park. People of that time called it as “Sad” (сад) because there were many trees. In the afternoons children and teenagers played football and volleyball there. In the evenings discos (“tantsy”) were held where a lot of young people came to dance and to meet. In wedding days young couples put flowers to the monument. And this tradition keeps nowadays. All the important events were held in this park (for example, May Day, Victory Day, Knowledge Day). On Victory Day before the monument stand a guard of honour.

In 1983 the trees in the park were cut down. The monument exists up to 2002.

On the 9th of May 2003 a new Memorial Complex was opened there. It was the day when we celebrated 58 years anniversary of Great Victory. The architect and sculptor of the monument is Khalit Mingaliyev who is our countryman too but lives in Kazan.

In centre the 7 meter stele on which the Victory award is placed. In front of the stele there is a sculpture of the winner soldier. Opposite the soldier the eternal flame burns. All of this is set on a pedestal. In several meters from the stele there are 4 walls. On the first wall there are busts of our countrymen heroes, on the second – heroes of the socialist work, on the third – relief of dead in Afganistan, on the fourth the list of soldiers, victims and missing people in the Second World War.

Later BMP and the tank were installed on a pedestal. This is the place where everyone bows his head to memory of victims and dead.

Every year students of our school make an excursion to the Memorial complex where they get a lot of information about heroes.

Yearly in spring and in autumn students from our school organize “clean — up days”. We collect leaves, papers and so on and taken out the rubbish.

And the life goes on . The biography of our native land enriches with new achievements and new names. Muslyumovo is famous for talented, extraordinary people who are able to keep traditions and at the same time they keep step with the times. Traditions inherited from our ancients will keep forever.


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The Memorial complex

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