The English language time

“T H E E N G L I S H L A N G U A G E T I M E “

Теряев Семён Николаевич

МБОУ «ООШ № 42»,

8 «A» класс.

Бутусова Анжелика Николаевна

2013 год

Some of my classmates don’t want to learn English, because it’s very difficult and they believe that learning foreign language is not necessary and they need not it in their future life. But I cann’t agree with them, in spite of, learning English is not easy thing as it takes a lot of time and patient. Sometimes it’s boring to study grammar or to learn new words, but I’m sure that it is very necessary and important to learn English and I try to prove it.

First, English is the language of planet, it is an international language. Over three hundred and fifty million people speak it as a mother tongue. The native speakers live in Great Britain, in the United States of America, in Australia and New Zealand. English is the first state language in Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica and Canada. It is one of the official languages in some republics and the United Nations Organization and other political organizations.

Second, if you want to get a prestigious job, to work abroad you will have to speak English very well. You should know that seventy five percent of all international business letters are written in English, eighty percent of all information in the world’s computer in English. This language is the language of communication for academicians, scientists all over the world.

I’m sure English is very necessary for some professions: a doctor, a guide, a pilot, an interpreter, an engineer, a journalist, a computer programmer, an office worker.

A doctor who knows English language is more informed about modern medical

tendencies. He can read fluently foreign medical magazines, modern medical books, articles and use Internet. The information from these sources is more useful than we have in native language, because many scientific articles are published in English at first.

A modern engineer, a worker cannot work with an imported instruments or a machine if he is not able to read the instruction how to use it. A scientist, a historian, a diplomat are polyglots, because they need foreign languages for their work, especially English.

If you want to be a stewardess or a pilot, or a ship’s captain you must learn English in order that you may communicate with each other, foreign passengers and flight controllers.

Another interesting and prestigious profession is an English teacher. It is one of the most important jobs now. The reason is quite simple: to speak English in the 21st century is considered prestigious. Parents make their children to learn English in order that they may get a very good job. Be a good teacher of foreign language is not easy. You need to graduate and be very competent person. The teacher should set an example to all his students, be careful and accurate. But at present time this profession is very difficult too. As I have already written parents make their children to learn English, but some children have no abilities and desire to do it, so they don’t know English. Some parents believe it’s a teacher’s guilty but not of their children. So, a teacher should be very patient person.

In my opinion, another important reason of learning English is travelling. Do you like travelling? I do. Nowadays our people have an opportunity to travel abroad. Some problems appear, because many people don’t know English at all. The first problem appears at the airport. If you don’t know English, you cannot find out where you can get a declaration form and fill it. You cannot find the check-in-desk, where your ticket should be checked and your luggage should be weighed and registered. You cannot get a boarding pass. You cannot understand the announcement of your flight and the number of the gate you should go to. Finally, your travelling will fail from the very beginning. If somebody helps you at the airport, you have some problems of communication at the hotel where you stay. It is be very difficult for you to explain what you need, to make an order at a café, to visit the places of interests, to go shopping. So, I advise you to start learning English just now.

Some students learn English to listen and understand songs in English. Many of them are keen on “Beatles”. It was a very famous band in England. “Beatles” has a great number of fans nowadays, it’s songs are still popular.

As for me, I study English because I like reading books in the original. My favourite English writers are Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle. Their books are very interesting, exciting and full of adventures. Reading in originals helps to understand the idea of stories. I suppose that it is very exciting to find something new in our favourite characters.

Also I want to study, get a prestigiuos job. That is why I need English.

In conclusion I can say that English is absolutely necessary to know for every educated person and good specialist today.