The Beautiful Meadow Прекрасный луг

Нефёдов Д.,

учащийся 6 класса МКОУ гимназия № 2

г. Минеральные Воды

рук. учитель английского языка С.А. Веселова

The Beautiful Meadow.

Last summer my brother and I went to the village to our grandparents. One of the July days my brother and I decided to go to the meadow. When we came there, we saw that everything was covered with different colours. There were tulips, daffodils, poppies. But best of all was the smell of these flowers.

We stayed there all day long and in the evening when we were leaving, my brother and I saw a beautiful sunset which gladdened the heart. When my brother and I came home, we were very happy.