Story about Trees


Шмелев Макар

Год рождения – 2001, 6а класс

ГБОУ гимназия № 1566, Юго-Восточный административный округ


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Trees, trees and trees everywhere…Only the sky above and the deep forest around. The air is so fresh that you don’t breathe it – you eat it! And your head goes round and you become stronger with every breath.

This is where the boy Alex lived. His village was not far from big cities but it was all surrounded by forests. Hares and deer would come to the village for food and bear foiling could be seen on the white snow in the morning. Alex liked this place, especially the old pine-trees which smelled fir needles when it was very hot in summer or very frosty in winter. After visiting the pine-tree forest your cold would quickly go away. In fact, nobody in the village had ever had a flu or any serious illness. It was all owing to trees, to their breath.

But one day huge tractors came to the forest. People from big cities wanted more place for themselves, for their factories. They began to cut down centuries-old trees. They were coming closer and closer to the village. Animals began to leave the forest to look for the new place to live. Very soon the tractors were very close to the village and the pine-trees which Alex loved so much. Nothing and nobody could stop them. Nothing.

And then Alex made up his mind. When the tractors came to the pine-tree forest, Alex ran there and stood under the oldest tree. People from the tractors began to shout angrily: ‘Hey, you, boy! Get away, quickly or you will be killed by falling trees’. But Alex did not move and continued to stand under the tree.

The men in the tractors had nothing to do but get out. ‘Are you crazy?’, they asked Alex. ‘Falling trees can hurt or even kill you!’ And then Alex said quietly: ‘If these trees die, we will all die too. Do you understand it?’

This story had a happy end. The men understood him. And they stopped their work. They stopped cutting trees.

But similar stories are so many. And in most of them there is no boy Alex who saved his forest, his village and the life and health of many people…