ДомМилый дом

My homeland, my sweet homeland….

My name is Nataljia Stepina. I am sixteen. All my life I live in this place. We call it Levi Bereg. One can translate it as The Left Bank. It will be right, but not true. Yes, we live on the left bank of The Moscow Chanel. Our place is part of Khimki, but we are so close to Moscow, that we all consider ourselves muscovites.

Many years ago our Levi Bereg used to be place where muscovites had their country houses.(Dacha we call it). This why, many famous people visited our town. Among them Verstovsky Alexey, One of outstanding Russian composers, Pushkin’s contemporary. They say Alexey Verstovsky organized very many unusually interesting musical parties Participants of these meetings were composers, singers, poets as well as popular and beginners.

Nowadays here is a school of art named after Verstovsky Alexey. I finished it ,by the way .

Our Levi Bereg Is famous all over the Russian Federation owing to graduates of Culture University,

It was founded by Nadejda Krupskaya in 1930. Today it is one of the best universities in Russia.

Here you can mat students from all over the world.

I don’t know why (may be because of this) but it seems to me that people living in Levi Bereg are a bit more intelligent, more tolerant.

Of course there are places more famous, more beautiful, but if you, for at least once, visit very small district between Moscow and Khimki, you find unbelievably picturesque oak forest. This is also our Levi Bereg.

I’m quite sure that my small home land is worth to be shown on the map you are planning to create.

Best regards,

Natasha Stepina & my English teacher Albina Zakharova.

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