Some Words of Thomas Moore and His Poem Несколько слов о Томасе Муре и его стихотворени

А. Шуда,

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рук. учитель английского языка С.А. Веселова

Some Words of Thomas Moore and His Poem.

Thomas Moore is very famous in England. But even in Russia he is known by many people. He’s a poet. Thomas Moore has a lot of beautiful poems. Each poem reflects the different thoughts of the poet.

I like one of his poems, “Oh, how dear to me the hour”. In this poem Thomas Moore says how it would be good to return to childhood in adolescence where you have a lot of power and energy.

Thomas Moore’s poem “Oh, how dear to me the hour” is very beautifully built. When you read it, the warm feeling appears. Thomas Moore paid particular attention to sunshine. He described it very beautifully so that the idea and the image of the sunbeams appears in your imagination at once.