Set of rules to kee the Earth clean

Set of rules to clean our planet clean

1. We all responsible for our planet. We, ordinary students, can do a lot for it. We often come across household litter in the streets of our town: cans, egg-shells, yogurt cartons, paper-bags, plastic bags, bottles. We mustn’t drop all this rubbish and we should always collect our litter after picnics.

2. All of us are able to plant a tree.

3. We can use our plastic bags as many times as possible, because they are almost impossible to recycle and will never break down.

4. We can reduce our school’s energy consumption by to 40% if we use a new kind of energy-saving lamps. But most of our schools don’t use them.

5. We should never buy products made from endangered animals, such as ivory jewelry or fur-coats.

6. Every time when we throw away a battery, we’re adding to the toxic waste that spoils our planet, because they contain heavy metals. Try to use them less or buy rechargeable batteries. They can be used about 50 times.

7. We mustn’t litter inside and outside our school building. We must throw all the litter only into the garbage bin.

8. I think it’s a must for our school to start a paper-collecting scheme.

9. We should keep the taps turned off to avoid water leakage. When at home, we should switch off the lights when we do not need it.

10. We should use our car as less as possible. Use public transport. Some neighbours can give you a lift to school.