Protection of the environment


Global drowning — the main reason of all misfortunes on the earth: number of droughts, forest fires, floods and tsunami, thawing of permafrost.

Firstly, electric power. The number of every quickly grows in the world. The mankind needs to try to use less similar equipment as the economy of electricity allows to reduce consumption of natural resources, to reduce emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere, to keep purity of reservoirs and to keep the wood. Save electricity each of us can.

Secondly, light. A structure of new hydro stations and nuclear power plants, they destroy a district ecosystem. It is necessary to pass to alternative, harmless sources energy: winds, waters, the sun and Earth biomass. And we can simply save light and a heat .Example: in France thought up such action — every day for an hour disconnect electricity and sit in the dark. Disconnect even Eiffel tower.

In the third, warmly. The saga under the name «heating season» will begin the fastest on October 1. Through windows there are 40 % of losses of heat. Additional isolation is necessary to us can to increase temperature indoors on 4-5 °C and to reduce loading on heating system.

In the fourth, paper. The problem is that deforestation constantly increases. We can print whenever possible on a reverse side of paper, hand over waste paper.

In the fifth, plastic bags. In shop if you have a choice, hand over a bag in a box for storage.

-Don’t use plastic packages for replaceable footwear of your child at school. Prefer a fabric what bag.

-Get, whenever possible, products in cardboard boxes.

-Use plastic bags several times.

-Don’t use plastic packages for garbage packing; simply take out it in a garbage can.

-Don’t use cellophane packages for packing of products in house conditions, special containers of reusable use are intended for this purpose.

Reduce volume of thrown-out garbage: simply compressing it (packages from under juice, milk etc.), we reduce garbage volume in a garbage truck, so, we reduce and CO2 emission in the atmosphere at transportation rubbish.

In conclusion I want to tell that it is necessary to watch very strongly our planet, not to pollute it in avoidance of a global drowning. As it is necessary to tell to friends about how to live harmlessly and economically. To keep a planet, it is unessential to be the superman.