Poem Who will love you like I do

Who will love you like I do? Kristina Kriger 10th Form 08.04.2013

You are young and pretty girl,

You are like a little doll.

You are so perfect like a star,

You’re so near and you’re so fare…

You’re so beautiful, so clever –

I can look at you forever.

You’re so friendly, you’re so kind –

You are girl I find.

Oh, girl, I’m love in you,

Know that it is a truth.

I just can’t get enough!

Can you feel my love?

My little queenie, I’m your fool

And I can break the golden rule.

I love you more than words can say,

And girl, don’t go away, please, stay.

Understand, I’ll love you forever,

I think we just must be together!

And finally I’m asking you:

“Who will love you like I do?”