Poem Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love Kristina Kriger 10th Form


That’s all you’re dreaming off

It’s the everlasting love.

But your dreams are died,

He’s made your soul cry.

You’ll never fall in love again,

He broke your heart and soul.

Your heart received so much pain

For you love play main role.

Darling, please, don’t cry!

His concrete heart doesn’t beat.

And your tears will dry,

When your soul fell heat.

I know, you want to love,

But you fear the pain.

I’ll send for you white dove,

And joy will come again.

I wanna share my heart,

It’s beating just for you.

My darling, can you hear of?

Oh, please, just love me, too.

I’m lost without you,

I’m feeling so much blue.

And like a hero I smile,

But also I want to cry.

Just take away my heart,

And never more depart.

It will be the everlasting love,

That’s all you’re dreaming off!