Poem About a Girl

About a Girl.

By Mary Sintsova, 11th Form


I try to get out of here, but there is nowhere to go.

I hurt myself every time and everything is my fault.

My time is running so fast, I’ve wasted so many days.

My mind is covered by scars, I need to try all the ways.

They say:”You make your own fate, no one takes care of you,

Wake up and raise up your head just like in your dreams you do.

Don’t be afraid of your toes, they smell your fear in the air.

But I’m nobody. I’m lost. And I came here from nowhere.

So tired of crawling and tears, so sick of wanting to hide,

Sometimes I feel like I’m dead, I feel I’m rotting inside.

Trapped in a circle of fears, it’s like a cage in my head.

Too shy for asking the help, it’s no one to hold by the hand.

I buried dreams in the ground and now I try to forget.

I will go far far away. You can decide that I’m dead.

I’ll change myself into best, I’ll feel like I’m born again.

One day I’ll come back to you and you will be the same friend.

I’ll keep my secrets inside, I will not act like a fool.

Do you have something to hide? ‘cause I think that we all do.