Personal Opinion About Music

The art of music was born long ago. Music exists more than 50000 years, and now it is one of the most popular human interests in the world.

There were no musical instruments in ancient times, so ancient people used their voices. When people began to use a language, words gained a main role in songs. Bards intoned legends and stories by the simple accompaniment of lute or any another musical instrument.

New musical instruments were created and improved in the process of time. Music gained harmony and polyphonic. Musical decorations were widespread in the Baroque era. Words of songs lost prior position, because music gained independence. Music became truly high art.

Electricity became essential part of human life in the 19th century. It affected on music too. The first electric guitars were created at the beginning of the 20th century. The first synthesizers started in the second half of the same century. Rock and electronic found their world popularity at that time. This music is characterized by rhythmicity, dynamism and dancing style.

“Golden Age” of counterculture came in 70th-80th. A lot of subcultures were formed on the wave of the youth revolution: from hippy and beatniks to Metalheads and Goths. Subcultures were separated from subcultures in its turn, for example Cyber-goths and Rivetheads were separated from goth’s subculture. It happened because of surging many new waves in music. A lot of new musical genres appeared. Ambient and industrial replaced electronic music. Darkwave and EBM put aside an industrial style. The same happened with rock music.

Wars between subcultures were fought on the basic of contradictions in taste. These wars were stopped to the beginning of the 21st century, when “intergenre” performers appeared. The Process of erasing genres’ borders is continuing at the present time.

Many people think music is degrading now. In my opinion it is not really true. Music is experiencing grand rise at present time. Dullness of the masses often calls the reason of degradation. But it is not the very reason. It is the consequence of the whole process of tastes, fashion, the way of life, technical progress and what not. The true reason is hidden deep in the roots of defectiveness of world economics, excess government regulation of it. As a result appear monopolies – large musical labels – which damage musical industry.

In conclusion I would like to say that there are no bad genres, there are bad performers. Presence of amateurs is inevitable in all spheres of human activity. And nothing will changes, if economics is free.