My winter holidays

I would like to tell about my winter holidays.

My name is Milena.I am 12 years old.I am in the 6 form.I live in the village Erkin-Shakhar of Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya Republic.I am interested in music.

My winter holidays were unusual this year.I spent six days in the most amazing and the most beautiful city of our country St.Petersburg.I performed on the stage of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre headed by conductor Valeriy Gergiev.I am a member of the children’s choir of Russia.The children’s choir of Russia will be entrusted the important task performance at the closing ceremony of the winter Olympic Games in Sochi.The whole world will see our unique team.

This marvelous cultural project appeared thanks to the very active people – members of the All-Russian choral society Olga Golodets-the Deputy Chairman of the Government,Pavel Pozhigailo-the Chairman of the Public Chamber and the outstanding conductor Valeriy Gergiev who became the head of this band.

There are singers from 83 regions of our country. The members of the Presidium of the choral society personally travelled from Chucotka to Kaliningrad,from Murmansk to Vladivostok to find the most talented participants of the future choir.And I could take part in this competition and won it.

On the second of January I flew to St.Petersburg.There were rehersals and excursions in our programm.I visited many world famous sights in St.Petersburg such us the Hermitage,Winter Palace,Peterhof,the Alexandrovskiy Palace and so on.I made new friends.

I hope that Olympic Games will be excellent and Russian sportsmen will win a lot of medals.I want us to perform beautifully.I wish childrens!!!!!! Choir to win the hearts of the oudience and represent our country in these future events.I hope that the organizers of “ERUDIT” also wish children’s choir Good Luck! I hope our sportsmen will become the winners of the twenty second Olympic Games.I want to thank organizers of ”ERUDIT” for the excellent possibility to tell about my winter holidays connected with Olympic Games.Good-Bye.Milena.