My native city Rostov-on-Don

My native city Rostov-on-Don.

I would like to talk about my native city Rostov-on-Don.

It has a very interesting history. Rostov-on-Don was founded on December 15, 1749 as a customhouse was set up on the Temernik River to control the trade with Turkey. Not far from the customhouse there grew the fortress. It was named after Russian metropolitan Saint Dimitry of Rostov, a bishop from the old Northern town of Rostov the Great. Later in 1806 the name was changed to Rostov and then to Rostov-on-Don.

Rostov-on-Don is situated on the right bank of the river Don. This river is one of the largest rivers in Europe. The works of Alexander Pushkin , Mikhail Sholokhov are associated with the river Don.

The South “capital” of Russia – Rostov with its population of more than 1 million people is a major administrative, cultural, scientific, educational and industrial center. The city is a major transportation hub of Southern Russia, it is called “The Gateway to the Caucasus”.

There are a lot of theatres and museums in Rostov. It is also called a green town because there are a lot of parks here.

I love my city very much. It is very beautiful. I was born here and I am proud of it. If you have not been to Rostov you have lost much.