My little star

My little star. Автор:Беззатёсная Анастасия (6кл.)

МОУ Каргасокская средняя школа№2,Томской области

There was a little Star. She was very curious and fond of space travelling.

Also, she had a dream to visit a space zoo because she wanted to find a friend there.

Many different exotic animals lived in the space zoo. She enjoyed watching cheerful, chattering monkeys who liked to eat sunny rays, funny elephants when they filled out space balloons like planets, crocodiles who watched cartoons on satellite TV and a little pony who could fly.

Little Star liked a pony and made friends with her. She straddled the pony whose name was Baby and rode along the Milky Way to see her aunt the Great-Bear. The aunt gave a space cocktail for a little pony and they rode farther. In some time they were on the planet Sweet Tooth. They were happy to get a big package of sweets there. Then they were going to see a granny Moon. She was very hospitable and they liked Moon swinging .At last it was dark and they went home.

At home they collected puzzles, read fairy tales , played hide and seek and draw different planets which they would like to visit. So, a little Star found a good friend in the space zoo.