My favourite person is my Mother стихотворение на конкурс

My favourite person is my Mother

My mother’s like a sunny summer day.

She’s lovely and pretty, they say.

But for me, my mum is the best

And I always choose her from the rest.

She’s always there for me when I need it

And whenever I’m wrong, she forgives it.

My mummy gives me clever advice

And she says only truth, never lies.

I adore the smell of her perfume

It smells like biscuits and coffee…

I’m fond of the way she’s walking around

And when I see her, I’m very proud.

I promise;I will always love my mum

And I‘ll give her only pleasure, but not harm.

My mum is so beautiful and kind

That she deserves all happiness in life.

And I believe my mum is like an angel

Once came down from the distant heaven

My only wish to be with her forever

And help her – whatever and whenever.

By Ivanova Dasha, 9A