My favourite bridge in my favourite city- Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge.

This is a photo of Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge. This bridge is in St. Petersburg in Russia and it joins the area of Okhta, where our family lives, and the center of the city.

I live on the right side of the Neva River but my school is on its left side. Every morning my grandpa drives me to school across the bridge, then in the afternoon takes me across the bridge back home, so I see it twice a day.

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge looks like Tower Bridge in London as if it stands upside down. It has got two towers, too.

This bridge is the biggest iron construction on the Neva River. Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge is three hundred metres long and twenty-three and a half metres wide.

The bridge was built in 1911. Engineer Krivoshein designed it. Workers built it for three years. At first, Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge was called Emperor Peter the Great Bridge.

Every night in summer the two sides of the bridge go up. Ships and small boats can go under it.

There is a legend about Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge that one rivet in the bridge is made of pure gold but people can’t find it because it is coloured with the same paint as all the other rivets. The bridge has got over one million rivets.

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge is amazing and beautiful and I like it very much!!!