Languages for EverybodyИгорь Степаненко

Languages for Everybody

It is common knowledge that there are many peoples in the world and all of them have their own languages.

But people all over the world study foreign languages because there are many reasons for that. First of all, every good educated specialist should have good knowledge of a foreign language because we live in the era when knowledge grows in an explosion way.

As for me, I’m lucky to study at school specializing in English. I have been learning English for almost eight years and I’m not a boaster but I think I’m rather good at English. Thanks to my English classes I can do a lot of things in English: read books of the famous English and American writers and poets in English, watch English films and understand them very well, sing English songs, declare poems and tongue twisters and many other things, I take part in different contests, Olympiads and in all English out-of-class activities and I have a good Portfolio, too. Once a month I communicate with my friend, Bill from Dallas, Texas – on Skype and I try to improve my speaking skills. I took part in the municipal part of the English Olympiad and was rewarded with diploma for the few last years.

How do I learn English? I find the most interesting reading books. I pay attention to the English intonation because it’s very important. If you get it wrong people can’t understand you. We learn both formal and informal — language how to ask for information and how to be polite. We learn social English and develop it in different situations on topics. Listening to the English songs helps me, too. I’m quite proud that I can get the idea of what I’m listening, too. The most difficult feature of any language is social language. That’s why I try to improve my social English.

I’m sure that English is the global and international language. English is the language used in computers. More than half of scientific periodicals is in English. It is the main language of business, education and the official language of the Olympics, of many international organizations such as, Greenpeace, UNO and others.

Live and learn. I’m sure that the knowledge of English or any other foreign language is necessary for every good employee. And I advise people to learn English if they want to find a well-paid job.