Languages for EverybodyБитиева Сабина

Languages for Everybody

Nowadays no one can be considered an educated person without good knowledge of one or even more foreign languages. Learning a foreign language especially an international one helps people to understand each other better to solve the global problems: war and peace, ecological problems, international conflicts and others. It is true that English became the global international language. It is popular all over the world. I’m lucky to study at school specializing in English.

I’ve been studying English for 8 years. I really like it. English is difficult but a beautiful language.All languages are means for communication and the most popular language is English in the world nowadays. My name is Sabina/ I’m 14 years old. English is my favourite subject at school and I have been studying this subject since my childhood. I live in a bilingual family. My mum is from Russia and my dad is from Georgia. So different languages have always been heard in my house. My mum decided to expand my vocabulary and to take me to special kids’ courses of the English language. The teacher quickly noticed that I’m quite good at picking up new words and I continued studying the foreign language at school. In my opinion, English is more practical and demanded in the world. When me and my parents travel to other countries I always take a chance to use my English there. Almost all people easily understand what I mean. Another reason for learning English is my future career. I’m planning to continue my education at a Linguistic University and hope I’ll become an interpreter some day.I also like reading books and magazines in English, so my knowledge of foreign words really helps me. After all, I think that the more languages we know the better. I can make friends from different countries and keep in touch with them be e-mails. So, if I want my dreams to come true, I need to master and improve my English all the time in different out- of- class activities.

In conclusion, I’d like to say, that it future I’ll get a well-paid job as I’m sure that my knowledge of English will be of great help.