I like English сочинение по английскому языку

There are many languages in the world. I know Tatar, Russian and English. I have been learning English for 9 years and it is my favourite school subject. I am very glad that I have such opportunity at school.

At the beginning I studied English, because it was my school subject. But now I understand that it is necessary to learn foreign languages. Because the English language has become a world language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations. It is the language of computers technology. Half of the world’s scientific journals are in English. If you know English, you can talk to people of all nationality and get necessary information anywhere in the world. English is becoming more and more popular and now it is hard to live without knowing it.

My major hobby is English. At the lessons we have tests, do exercises, write projects and talk a lot. This helps me to improve my English. I think I am not bad at this language.

I listen to my favorite singers Britney Spears, Robbie Williams, Eminem understanding the meaning of the songs. I am able to read English newspapers, magazines and also books to get various informatoin. The English language is the language of the great literature. William Shakespeare, my favourite writer, who wrote the best known love story in the world «Romeo and Juliet», wrote his books in English.

The English language is the official language of many international organizations such as the Olympic Committee, the United Nations and others. The 2013 Summer Universiade, the XXVII Summer Universiade, will be held in Kazan. That’s why the government of my Republic began to pay more attention on learning English the last time. When I was in Kazan I paid attention on that the names of streets are also written in English.

Learning a foreign language is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort. But people still learn them and there are some reasons for that. The most important is communication. More and more people travel abroad and the knowledge of a foreign language helps them understand each other. I like to travel. My dream is to visit Great Britain, to see London with my own eyes. I want to see Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace and to speak with English boys and girls. There are international friendship camps in the world. If you can speak foreign languages, it will be easy for you to visit such camps and speak with people who do not know Russian.

From my point of view if you want to get a good job you will have to know one or several foreign languages. This is another reason for learning English. I decided to be a teacher of English or interpreter. I want to learn Spanish and Japanese too.