He is the greatest of all poets

Secondary school № 32



The nomination «И пробуждается поэзия во мне…»

“He is the greatest of all poets!”

Author: Elina Sabanova

Student of class 10

Instructor: Valentina Ivanovna Tsygipa,

the teacher of English of School №32


Номинация “И пробуждается поэзия во мне…”

“Он величайший из поэтов!”

Автор: Элина Сабанова

Ученица 10 класса «Б»

Руководитель: учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 32

Валентина Ивановна Цыгипа


He is the greatest of all poets!

He was once here, at this ground,And maybe now I’ll tell you howHe walked at the seaside, heard this soundAnd wrote some lines, which I read now.He made mistakes in some situations,He killed himself by d’Anthes’ hand,He had experienced the great emotions With people who were at this land. His poems — our simple lifeAnd novels — only daily moments.The only phrase, which I’ll tell now:He is the greatest of all poets!Years pass and minutes fly away,And our life grows ever shorter,But yet we still have time to playAnd not to miss our life as a stream’s ever running water.

He didn’t lose these precious minutes,He didn’t waste this time he used to writeHis Muse on her special visitsAppreciated this short but beautiful life!