Griboedov текст

Alexander Sergeevich Griboedov.

1. A S Griboedov , the famous Russian diplomat and writer, was a many side personality. He got a profound knowledge in various spheres, learned several foreign languages, became a talented writer and able musician and an outstanding diplomat with instincts of a real politician.

2. A.S. Griboedov was born on the 4th of January in 1790 (or 1795) . Little is known about his years of education. It’s considered that Griboedov graduated from three departments of Moscow University. ( no official papers to prove it). It’s known that he didn’t get Doctor of Philosophy( a high level University degree) because of the war with Napoleon in 1812. Like majority of young Russian aristocrats, Griboedov joined the army to defend his Motherland from enemy and he showed himself as a brave soldier.

3. After the war of 1812 Griboedov lived in Belorussia where he got interested in the theater and began writing literary pieces. In 1815 he translated French Comedy ( “ A Young Couple”) into Russia. The play was staged and had a certain success.

4. In 1816 Griboedov moved to live to the capital of Russia St Petersburg. There he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was making an outstanding career in the Ministry when once he fought in the duel after that he was ordered to leave St Petersburg.

Griboedov was offered a job as diplomat in Persia or USA. He chose Persia and spent there three years there . After that he worked under general Yermolov in Georgia .

Also he he lived and worked a lot in the Caucuses . There in 1824-25 he wrote his immortal comedy : Woe from the Wit.” Which was a great success and still is. besides he tried to to write tragedy based on the facts of Georgian history.

In 1826 Griboedov was arrested on suspision of his belonging to Decemberists but after a few months he was set free and went again to Caucauses .

Griboedov was truly successful diplomat and stood for peace between the countries. !828 Griboedov was sent to Saint-Petersburg with the text of the very important Russian – Persian peace treaty. His contemporaries wrote that he was more important than the whole army.

Griboedov got married Georgian Princess Nina Chavchavadze. They were married only for a few weeks. They went to Tehran- the capital of Persia.

On the 30 th of January 1829 nationalistic groups of radical Muslism[muzlimz] attacked the Russian Embassy in Tehran. The Building was ruined and all the people who was there were.. Groboedov was amon the victims.

Was born. Education. War 1812

After war lived, got interested, began writing, translated

1816- moved to the.., Minestry of FA,career, duel was ordered to

Offered a… as

Literary success

was arrested on suspision of

peace treaty, truly ..diplomat, stood for..

got married..

was attacked / ruined /killed /was among victims

In conclusion, I want to say…