Football Stars

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«Football Stars»4

Technique of Playing.4

Manoel dos Santes Garrincha4

Lionel Messi6





The aim of my research work is to study technique of playing of the great football player of all the time Manoel dos Santes Garrincha. To compare it with the technique of such modern brilliant player like Lionel Messi.

The main reason I have taken this theme is to learn more about my favourite kind of sport. The theme is very relevant to me because I have been doing football for three years and I am interested in everything that is connected with it. Besides, technique is the most important part of the game. So, I tried to study and research technique of both these players by reading different documentary books and newspapers’ articles about their playing, watched matches on TV and high lights in internet and certainly, I never miss football games which are hold in our stadium.

«Football Stars»

Technique of Playing.

Oh, sport ! You are the world

You set a good, kind, friendly

relations between the peoples.

You are consent.

( Manoel dos Santes Garrincha)

For 15 years he made crazy his rivals by his original art. There are many legends about it. He came up with dozens of nicknames, but true friends always called him Mane.

Garrincha was small, hump, both of his legs wide apart were tilted to the left. In comparison with the leading players of the world his appearance and his game were paradoxically contrary to the canons of football. Success with him in the national team and clubs sought coaches, who gave vent to his improvisations and individual playing skills. Technique Garrincha was founded on natural gift, and not on constant training. According to some technique Garrincha was the quintessence of Brazilian football.Most Garrincha is known thanks to the unique dribbling, which is based on improvisation and ingenuity that allowed him to pass on the right flank, beat the defender and make accurate transmission to the gate. So were scored in particular, both goals in the match against the USSR on the world championship in 1958 and the first two goals in the final of the same championship. He had the typical technique of handling the ball and blow delivered with both feet, and his favorite feints fraudulent movement of the body, which was possible due to different leg lengths. Garrincha could shoot the ball left or right from your opponent, and then made a sharp spurt up; on the one hand defenders knew what to expect from Garrincha , on the other , on the field, his actions still became a surprise.“It was difficult to predict how Garrincha will play in the next moment, due to the fact that the left foot, he owned as well as the right. He could move toward the center, and suddenly break on the edge and cause a fantastic shot.”(Chalk Hopkins, a player of the national team of Wales).Garrincha was also a master of the execution of penalties and corner kicks, in particular he perfectly performed the hit “dry leaf.” Three times in his career he scored goals directly from the corner flag. Sometimes he scored goals for itself after aspectacular solo passages, playing with several rivals. One of the most famous of his heads the ball into the goal Fiorentina scored for Brazil national team during friendly match in 1958 in preparation for the world Cup. Garrincha consistently beat several Italians, entered the penalty area, beat the goalkeeper Sarti, waited until the goal has time defender, beat him and only then sent the ball into the gate.“Garrincha was a genius. Besides sensational dribbling, he was the best technique. He performed great passages and make precise transmission over the years in Botafogo and two world Cups.” Garrincha ‘s game is often compared to theatrical performance, even on the background of his partners in the national team of Brazil, he was called a genius, “Happinees of the people” and “Chaplin” of football. A case is known when in the game for Botafogo Garrinchi missed the ball out, but the judge allowed to continue playing because he wanted to see the continuation of the maneuver.Disadvantages of Garrincha ‘s game came from its advantages: it is often abused individual actions and is not subjected to gaming command discipline. Zеzе Moreira, the head coach of Botafogo, tried to change this. During training, he placed it in the center of the field chair and forced Garrincha to trace it, if it was a rival. Garrincha several times twisted around the chair, kicking the ball between the legs, and then ran and hit the goal. Moreira gave up and said: “Garrincha plays without schemes”.

Perhaps, there is no other player in history who so freely felt in all situations on the field. Garrincha did not seek, as Pele, the ideal in all components of the game, though, both his pass, and his blow to the gate were fluent. Glory was brought to Mane his famous trick, which yielded the most strong and experienced left defenders (in Brazil they were even started to call Zhоаnаmies – by the name of the fellow of Pau- Grande where Garrincha polish «his weapon» in his youth). Mane froze with the ball at his feet and mimicked the movement of the body — usually to the left. Then quickly went to the other side (often right).He adored to kick the ball between the legs. Defenders in this case, as a rule, lost balance and fell, becoming the laughingstock of the crowd of several thousand people. Once a player Fiorentina with his head nearly blew the bar after Garrincha’s trick , but the Brazilian under the Homeric cackle of Italians came with the ball into the goal.

In-chief the same quality of Garrincha was unanimously noted by journalists and experts of football, his unique individuality and unpredictability. The game of a great master was not only in the ordinary football frame, he was capable of any surprises. Coach Vicente Fiоlа, once kept him on the bench, now claimed: Garrincha’s solutions «always unexpected, staggering and very effective». As one journalist wrote admiringly that the ball once hit flies along the lines of, «unknown geometry».He was praised by the Ministers and bums, thieves and bankers, scientists and workers. But not by his coaches. They can be understood, as it was required not to disturb him freely create. Semi-literate apprentice from weaving factory went to the field and invented his game no one had played before, nor after it. Garrincha did everything wrong: when they had to play in touch- he kept the ball ,when it was necessary to run — he stood, instead of kicking the ball -he waited for the defender to his beat. If Mane appeared in football today, he probably wouldn’t be taken in the children’s team.

(Lionel Messi )

And what about Messi? He is a soccer player from the God! At any time , in any situation immediately responds , original, resourceful and just hammering balls into the goal .

Wind by the simple movements several defenders. He keeps game under the control , the brilliant football player this Messi!

The brilliant Argentine footballer Messi Lionel is not particularly physically allocated among the contenders and among the players of his team.

In what is the success of this genius ? The player comments his success in the article on football «Direct American Staffordshire ! Staffordshire Terrier !» Messi believes he carefully analyzes the game, the first thing is- he is very demanding from himself . At the beginning of the season — the football player is set to win all possible trophies — that’s encouraging. Lionel does not like teams which go out on the field with the only aim — to win. According to him , the footballer has to play with pleasure. This mindset helps Argentine laid out in full . But perhaps the secret of his unusual technique is momentary burst of speed on the field at any time. Messi may even show some of his own secrets on the field and even tell you about them:

after receiving the ball , Lionel immediately turns and leaves one jerk to the center of the penalty area wide.

he can also make a short movement towards the center of the area and abruptly change direction and go on the wing .

as often footballer immediately shifted to the flank, and then abruptly kicked ball between the legs of the opponent and moves to the center.

Thus Messi always has three options to diversify the game using only his speed without tricks . Now let’s pay attention to the little movements with the ball of this brilliant footballer. Lionel Messi ‘s dribbling becomes a race , where the full step footballer just pushes the ball. Thus it appears that the ball is glued to his leg. Well here is a couple of tricks that are rarely performed by Messi during the game. And now to the most important secrets. Trick that Lionel Messi performs several times during the game and almost all of it across and it is because of the movement of his body . And now the popular trick -Messi moves left , right, defenders do not know where to move . The main charm of Leo is his pace and sublime technique , quick feet and balance. It is not the strongest or the fastest player in the world, but has the ability to beat anyone. . He knows how to find teammates , even when completely surrounded by rivals. Messi works well in combination with his teammates .


With full confidence I can say that both players are incredibly talented and technical. Their skill and professionalism can be seen with the naked eye. For Garrincha, as well as for Messi sport has become everything in life . In fact, football has become for both players , social elevator , which led them to a new level of life, from poverty and obscurity to glory and prosperity .Garrincha, was a leading player in his club , as well as Messi in his, the results of the Garrincha’s command were largely depended on his game, as well as the results of Messi’s command. Players’ technique , is very different , but very original and bright. Messi is a team player, but Garrincha in turn , tougher and more independent . Garrincha was one of the best players of his time and Messi is one of the best players nowadays.


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