Fairytale The First New Year

The First New Year

Once upon a time there lived nice monsters on the planet Uranium, who called themselves the citizens of Uranium. There were many monsters on that planet, but there were no holidays on it. One little Uraniumik, whose name was Oniks, wanted to fly to the planet Earth very much because the holiday New Year was coming there. He asked his father to build him a rocket. Oniks’s father was a scientist. That’s why he could build the rocket and sent his son to the planet Earth.

Oniks flew to the Earth a few hours before New Year. He landed near the girl’s house. Her name was Marina. The little girl went out and saw a wonderful funny monster. At first she was afraid of the monster, but nevertheless she decided to speak to him.

“What is your name?” asked Marina.

“My name is Oniks”, answered Uraniumik shyly.

“And I’m Marina”, said the girl merrily.

“Where am I now?” asked Oniks.

“You are in Moscow now”, replied Marina and invited his new friend to her house.

The girl and the monster came to her room and she said, “Let’s put on warm clothes”.

When the friends dressed, they wanted to go for a walk along Moscow. While they were going, Marina showed Oniks old monuments of architecture. When they came to Red Square, the friends saw a beautiful big Christmas tree. Marina and Oniks shouted for joy. So they came to the celebration in time. Then Father Frost came to them, congratulated with Happy New Year and gave a lot of presents. They were very happy.


The authors: Vasiljeva Dasha, Zuy Lena.

The translators: 5 “A” form, group 1.