Fairy tale The sleepy head


A long time ago and perhaps it wasn’t such a very long time ago – there lived a little boy named Johnny. He was shy and quiet. He had no friends. He was bullied. But everything changed while he was dreaming.

He begged Santa to make his dreams come true in every letter to him because his ugly polluted town, shabby room and insolent children disappeared in his dreams. Instead of it there was a magnificent kingdom. Green meadows were far and wide. The sky was always coloured with a rainbow. And Johnny was a knight called The Brave. He defended the dwellers of the kingdom from all the evil.

Once the kingdom was attacked by some highwaymen. And The Brave won through thick and thin. Another day an enormous dragon was about to eat little children of the kingdom. And our knight trained the dragon easily and made him a renowned attraction. The following dream was about saving a beautiful princess from Cyclops and falling in love with her.

Year by year Johnny grew and didn’t stop dreaming. He was devastated by the fact that Santa hadn’t ever fulfilled his wish. Being a grown-up he made a decision. “Since that moment an every single child must be happy at least once a year”, thought Johnny. And that is a story about how the sleepy head turned into the well-known real Santa.