Cочинение My countryMy Tuva

Cочинение на тему: “My country. My Tuva.”

6”а” класс.



Шимит Евгения.

Уч-ль: Сарыглар Ч.К.

My Republic.

-geographical location of Tuva

— the capital of Tuva

— unique places of Tuva

— everyday life of the Tuvans

The republic of Tuva is situated right in the center of Asia. Tuva borders on Altai,on the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Khakas Republic,the Buryat Republic and Mongolia.

Tuva is a mountainous region.The highest point is Mongun- Taiga.

The climate of Tuva is continental. Winters are long and severe, the temperature can reach minus 50 degrees. Summers are warm and dry, the temperature is above 40 degrees.

There are about 12 thousand rivers in Tuva. The biggest river is Yenisei.

The capital of Tuva is Kyzyl. It is the administrative economic, and cultural center of Tuva. The city was founded in 1914.

There are a lot of unique places in my country.

Mongun- Taiga is the most picturesque corner in Tuva.

Another place of interest is Tozhu. I think it is the most beautiful place in our country. A lot of tourists visit it every year.

People of different nationalities live in Tuva. But they respect each other and live in peace.

Tuvan people have been keeping a nomadic way of life for many centuries. The Tuvans have lived in yurts for centuries.

I live in the capital of our republic, in Kyzyl. I love my city very much. My favorite place to go in Kyzyl is the National Museum. There are a lot of interesting and beautiful things there.

Another interesting and beautiful place where I like to go is the National park.

I am very proud of my country and its people. And I am sure there is no place like home.