Composition My dream is a world without money

My Dream Is a World Without Money.

I know, it’s a hard thing to image a world without money. For too long we’ve let money control us, as if we were slaves, but let’s take a look at what the world might look like if we did away with money forever.

There is no greed, there is no corruption and there is no stealing. No one poor, hungry, homeless.

My parents will do the work they like to do. As for me, I will be able to travel. I want to visit all English-speaking countries: England, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Wales, America and Northern Ireland.

A person, who travels a lot, needs English. I will be able to study at Oxford University.

The system of education will be free for all students. My parents needn’t think where to find some money for my education. A world without money will give me a real chance to read foreign newspapers and books, to understand films and songs in English, to taste English food. Young people will communicate and understand each other. We will be able to do what we want. English will become a way of exploring the world without money. I want my dream to come true!!!