Composition All you need is LOVE

All You Need Is LOVE…

What is love? Why do we need it? I haven’t ever thought about it. But such moment comes to everybody. The same happened with me.

Recently my life changed – more than a year love knocked at my heart and doesn’t leave it. And I want it to last for a long time. Together with love happiness came and now I can’t suppose what I did earlier without them and what I will do if I lose them.

If I am not mistaken these concepts go together. It is difficult for me to imagine another feeling which can make people be mad and blind. Love is a mixture of emotions such as wish, desire, passion, care, tenderness. And we need this mixture every day.

It is important to people to feel love because it helps us to be strong, kind and useful to our partners. Love gives us power to do a lot of things which we couldn’t do without love. We begin to feel we can do all things even overturn mountains and cross the ocean.

That’s why I am absolutely sure that people need love and happiness more than money or power. It is easy and pleasant to live when love is in your heart. I can suppose that our world is so cruel because population is not able to love each other. If we try to change your attitude to other people may be our world will change too. We must begin to do it as fast as possible for the sake of future generations.

To sum up, I can say that the concept of «love» has a completely different content for each of us. But everybody wants to love and be loved. Love is like oxygen to breathe and thus to live.

Astreiko Ekaterina